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    21 Problems That Non-Canadians Will Never Understand

    "You mean ice hockey?" THAT'S THE ONLY KIND OF HOCKEY THAT COUNTS.

    1. When we worry we're not polite enough.

    2. When someone else is polite before we get the chance to be.

    3. When you have a slight mishap with the scissors.

    4. When our wildlife was a little too friendly.

    5. And when we just wanted some nice Halloween decorations.

    6. When we literally have to change our regular routes...

    7. ...And just accept we're going to have to walk a bit farther.

    8. When Canada Post actually has a pretty good excuse for not delivering.

    9. When the mail does arrive, but you can't get to it.

    10. When our politeness actually becomes inconvenient.

    11. When our personal taste battles with our Canadian loyalty.

    12. When we just wanted to get some nice things.

    13. When it's literally warmer on Mars.

    14. When you need to get to work.

    15. When you want to cross the street in February.

    16. When it's kind of spring but also not spring at all.

    17. When you just want to get away for the long weekend.

    18. When you know autocorrect is going to mess up your texts no matter what you do.

    19. When the exchange rate actually makes you want to cry.

    20. When our actual currency looks so ridiculous that outsiders don't recognize the fakes.

    21. And when we're so proudly Canadian that it's insanely easy for our foreign friends to tease us.

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