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    23 Cats Sitting Like Humans Who Will Make You Say "No, Thank You"

    They think they're people!

    1. Kitty. What are you doing?

    2. Why are you sitting like that?

    AtomicDuck3 / Via

    3. This is not how cats are supposed to sit.

    snozaki/Instagram / Via

    4. I mean, that cannot be comfortable for you.

    5. Did you forget how to cat?

    Heydawgg/Reddit / Via

    6. You are swinging your legs like a human, despite the fact that you are very obviously a cat.

    Marko Johns/YouTube / Via

    7. Are you going to sit that way forever?

    8. Did you just collapse into this position after a long night of drinking?

    9. No, I'm not going to tell you a bedtime story.

    zebrabeards/Imgur / Via

    10. There has to be a better way for you to sit in that lap.

    dslave/Reddit / Via

    11. You're on a bed! You could lie down! LIKE A CAT DOES.

    icantthinkofawittyname/Imgur / Via

    12. And now you've stolen my chair. Great.

    Gloodizzle/Imgur / Via

    13. No, don't pretend you want to hear about my day as if you're not a cat sitting like a goddamned human.

    14. Why are you looking at me as though I'M the weird one, here?

    15. Don't glare at me. I'm not the one freaking everyone out.

    16. I don't even understand how you got into this position.

    NewsGoingViral/YouTube / Via

    17. How are you keeping your body upright like this?

    18. Have you been sitting like that all day, waiting for me to come home?

    19. No, you cannot watch Stranger Things sitting like that. YOU ARE A CAT.

    20. You're just sitting on the edge of a table now, crossing your legs. YOU'RE CROSSING YOUR LITTLE CAT LEGS.

    ViralHog/YouTube / Via

    21. OK, sure, this position makes it easier for us to watch cat videos together.

    22. And despite your bizarre sitting position, you're still insanely cute.

    23. But let's just agree that you sitting like this is super freaking weird, OK?

    Love you, weirdo. 😻

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