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21 Things That Absolutely Do NOT Look Like Anything Else

What do you think you’re looking at, anyway?

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1. What? This is just a purse.

Rando_757 / Via

2. There's nothing here but a pair of women's shoes.

scottbrio / Via

3. I don't know why a bottle of air freshener would catch anybody off guard.

TheBigMacGaul / Via

4. It's only a freshly opened tub of margarine.

crazyperson15 / Via

5. Just a delicious strawberry tart, of course.

ryker272 / Via

6. It's a free toy in a box of cereal, obviously!

radrax / Via

7. Why are you giggling? Is fire safety funny to you?

QuarkNL / Via

8. It's a sofa. What am I missing?

9. What else do you see besides a hearty bowl of meat soup?

tcjosh / Via

10. All I see is a nice, ripe tomato.

Fisting_Is_Caring / Via

11. And a cantaloupe. Nothing else.

hupacmoneybags / Via

12. A spoon in some yogurt. Move along.

Hellgate11 / Via

13. Why? What do you see besides a hard-boiled egg?

coffins / Via

14. It's a weather report! Important information that people need to know!

_Cyan_Man / Via

15. What else would an M-shaped balloon look like?

sdmc1276 / Via

16. This guy is just squishing the skin on his knee together. Nothing else of note here.

undmatto / Via

17. Clearly only a picture of a chocolate bean on a bottle of wine.

18. It's just a hole in a tree where you could hide treasure. What? What did I say?

Nundahl / Via

19. Where else would you expect your pet to sleep? ON THE FLOOR?

ben_price_ / Via


slytherinslut / Via

21. And this is simply a sweet potato that... Oh. OH. Okay, yeah, I see it now.

Rexie / Via

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