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11 Kids Who Are Improving The World, And 7 Kids Who Are Doing Their Own Thing

Kids are great, but they're also bonkers.

1. This kid who made mom the canvas:

2. This kid who has some sweet engineering skills:

first she built a stand for her ipad, then she built a scooter.

3. This kid who turned the pantry into a frustrating mystery:

So my nephew did this 🙃🙃🙃

4. This kid who understands manners better than anyone:

I gave a little kid some frozen yogurt today at work, and his mom says “okay, what do you say?” And he looks me dead in the eyes and says “I love you” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

5. This baby who loves to truly relax:

my baby chills fr 😭 the cutest😍

6. This kid who loves giving his parents a fright:

i just laughed for 15 minutes straight

7. This kid who really knows how to commemorate important holidays:

ever since our mom passed away back in 2011, I have tried my best to always be there for my little brother & be like a mother to him cause unfortunately he can't experience that from our mom & this morning I woke up to my first Mother’s Day gift ever❤️

8. This kid who has their own way to celebrate:

9. This boy who isn't afraid to express his emotions:

i work in a 5th grade class,one of my students wrote this for a girl & the other kids were making fun of him for it & i was just there cryin

10. These kids who came up with the world's best cookbook:

11. This girl who gave herself a sweet nickname:

She looks so sweet but today a woman asked her what her name was and she replied “Buttcrack” so.

12. This girl's brilliant makeup video:


13. This girl who was the best princess of all:

It was princess day at dance and one little girl came as a hot dog I have never admired someone more

14. This kid who trolled their cousin:

my little cousin rolled up like "so I heard you wanted a brownie" 😐

15. This kid who is ready to let his true voice out:

I just asked my 8yo to quit yelling and he said, "I'm NOT yelling. This is my voice and all my life I've been whispering. Now I'm free!"

16. The child who added a little beauty to their dog:

When your child and your dog disappear upstairs for an hour, you should totally be suspicious.

17. The boy who wrote this perfect poem:

18. And the kid who drew this comforting birthday card:

My 11-year old's birthday card to me. #blessed

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