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    "Supernatural" Is An Absolutely Bonkers Show And These Tumblr Posts Prove It

    "Where the fuck are the gay angels? I was misled about this show."

    1. When the subtitles were an actual treasure.

    2. When the family dynamics weren't what you'd call traditional.

    3. When the main characters have seen some shit.

    4. When Sam confused the heck out of Castiel.

    5. When the Supernatural fandom had a GIF for everything.

    6. When the show kept the fake blood industry in business.

    7. When Sam was just a regular guy.

    8. When Dean showed some maturity and growth.

    9. When Sam went to the worst birthday party ever.

    10. When Dean just wanted some R&R.

    11. When Sam just needed to warm up a little.

    12. When Dean knew how to have a good time.

    13. When Netflix description of the show wasn't quite accurate.

    14. When it's practically impossible to mock the show.

    15. When the show has been on for so long that the actors don't even look like themselves anymore.

    16. When almost every storyline you could imagine has already been covered.

    17. And when new viewers were totally unprepared...

    18. ...for the heartbreaking emotional journey that is Supernatural.