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What's Your Favorite Book That Was Adapted Into A Film?

Tell us which novel you loved on the big screen.

We're a month into 2018, and if you made a resolution to read more books this year, we're here to help! We put together a special book club to help all of us increase how much we read this year.

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It's called Page Turners, and each month, we pick a theme, and you get to choose what you want to read and recommend books for other people to read! You can learn more about it here.

February's theme is: Books that were adapted into movies.

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Because you can read the book, then watch the movie, then read the book again, then watch the movie again, etc. etc. etc. forever and ever in a perfect, infinite loop.

So tell us your favorite books that eventually made their way to the big screen. Maybe you like a recent adaptation of a classic, like The Great Gatsby.

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Perhaps you can't resist a good tearjerker movie based off a YA novel, such as Everything, Everything.

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Or maybe you are waiting impatiently for A Wrinkle In Time to come out, because you know it's gonna be amazing.

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You might also be counting down the days until Ready Player One hits theaters.

Tell us the best book that was adapted into a great film for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post, and join the Page Turners Facebook group to get in on the discussion!