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    18 Really Good And Funny Tumblr Posts I Found This Week

    "Have you ever looked at yourself and been like, 'Nope'?"

    1. On doppelgängers:

    2. On ABBA:

    3. On evoking emotion:

    4. On rage:

    5. On drama:

    6. On little-known facts:

    7. On unresolved sexual tension:

    8. On determination:

    9. On self-esteem:

    10. On friendship:

    11. On friendship and hats:

    12. On social experiments:

    13. On asking for what you want:

    14. On being a grownup:

    15. On powerful social media influencers:

    16. On mysteries you didn't even realize were mysteries:

    17. On important debates:

    18. And on a scene that should be in Avengers: Endgame (NO SPOILERS!):