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    17 Times Canadian “Cards Against Humanity” Was Just The Best

    "Coming to Broadway, Heritage Minutes: The Musical."

    1. When someone invented the worst hashtag ever.

    2. When the cards lined up perfectly to create something that already exists.

    3. When Canadian art got a little aggressive.

    4. And then when they tried something a little more unusual.

    murfeee / Reddit / Via

    5. When wow, guys, she's just trying to get home after her disastrous exhibit at the ROM.

    6. When these players seemed to be still recovering from the last election.

    kirstistubbs / Instagram / Via

    7. 😬

    Aegis1984 / Imgur / Via

    "When you get right down to it, Stephen Harper is just not contributing to society in any meaningful way."

    8. When these players came up with this crimefighting team.

    9. When even Cards Against Humanity wasn't immune to Canada's language laws.

    10. When the game came up with the only idea that could ever outdo Hamilton.

    11. Not to mention all the times our national anthem was updated and improved:




    bohemiangemini / Instagram / Via



    theyellowshark / Reddit / Via

    17. And finally, when the game got sexy in the most disturbingly Canadian way possible.

    bellsaroundtheworld / Instagram / Via Instagram: @bellsaroundtheworld

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