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    25 Things From ModCloth That'll Update Your Closet For Under $75

    Cute tops, skirts, accessories, and more that you'll love to wear.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A graphic tee to remind yourself and everyone you encounter throughout the day that women belong everywhere.

    White t-shirt with a pink, yellow, and orange illustration of women's faces in a circle with the words "A woman's Place Is Everywhere" written around it

    2. A mixed fabric scrunchie you'll wear a ~bunch~ because it'll be the cute little detail to take your outfit up a notch.

    The scrunchie with half a satin-like fabric in sage with white and pink flowers on it and the other half a sheer sage fabric

    3. A tie-front blouse so cute, when your friends ask to borrow it, you'll have to say, "Sorry, my hands are ~tied~".

    The black scoop-neck blouse with 3/4 sleeves, buttons down the middle, and lilac, orange, and brown butterfly and floral print all over it

    4. A side button mini skirt you'll be ~plaid~ to have in your closet when you want a super easy yet look. All you have to do is pair it with your favourite white top, and you'll be all set.

    Mini skirt with a side-button closure, asymmetrical front, and a green and white plaid pattern

    5. Bow sling-back flats so on ~point~ that you'll want to wear them to every fancy event because you know your feet won't hurt at the end of the night.

    The flats in black suede with pointed toe, elastic sling-back, and a bow across the top

    6. A v-neck cropped cardigan perfect to keep on hand because you never really know when you're going to get cold and need a cute little something to throw on.

    The cardigan in green with 3/4 sleeves, ribbed hem and sleeves, and three buttons

    7. A v-neck daisy dot blouse you can wear with jeans when you ask your friends what they're wearing, and they reply "jeans and a cute top".

    The top in light green with white and red daisies all around it and buttons down the middle

    8. A tote bag with both long and short straps so you can hold it whatever way is most comfortable for you.

    Model holding the tote bag with draw-string close and short straps over their shoulder

    9. A set of hair clips you can easily use to keep pesky hair out of your face *and* add a fun element to any outfit.

    One bright blue clip, a light blue marble-like clip, and a clear rectangular clip with purple, blue, and lime green specks in it

    10. A lightweight sleeveless blouse that'll look super cute layered under a sweater in fall and winter, but also be cute on its own when warm weather returns.

    The blouse with a tie-neck detail  with small black and white flowers all over it and larger yellow ones down the front

    11. A pair of leggings leggings perfect to lounge around in but still cute enough that you can also wear them to run errands.

    High-waisted leggings in grey with darker grey stitches along the hems

    12. An absolutely darling floral peplum blouse that just may be the reason you have a little extra ~pep~ in your step when you wear it.

    The blouse with puff sleeves, sweetheart neckline, and buttons down the front with a pink, purple, and green floral print all over

    13. A tie-front cami to wear with basically every bottom you currently have in your closet. Jeans? Yep! A skirt? Of course! Trousers? You bet!

    Model wearing the cropped cami with a sweetheart neckline, adjustable neckties, and spaghetti straps in white

    14. A gold statement necklace that'll be the perfect final addition to any outfit.

    Gold necklace with crinkled, geometric links all around

    15. A pullover sweater that's a ~must-ard~ have for fall, because it's colourful and will coordinate perfectly with the falling leaves around you.

    The long-sleeved sweater with ribbed edges, scoop neck in yellow with orange, black, blue, and brown stripe across the shoulders and chest

    16. A knit a-line skirt with pockets (!!!) to hold your lip balm or anything else you need to keep close when you don't feel like carrying a purse.

    Model wearing the a-line skirt with an elastic waist, and hand in the pocket on the side

    17. An oversized pullover sweatshirt you'll be ~overjoyed~ to wear because it will basically feel like you're getting a giant warm hug all day long.

    Red sweatshirt with dropped shoulders, side-slits, hi-lo hem, and a crew neck

    18. A pair of sneakers with a cut-out pattern throughout, which is not only super cool and different, but also lets your feet breathe so they don't overheat and start to sweat.

    Black faux-leather cut-out sneakers with a slip-on style and laces across the top

    19. A pair of statement earrings to add a bit of bling to any outfit without worrying about them weighing down your ears and causing them to hurt by the end of the day.

    A faux sage green gemstone with a faux green snakeskin square attached

    20. A 3/4-sleeved raglan tee with the cutest illustrations you can wear while you spend your weekend reading away.

    The tee with grey arms and collar and white body with illustrations of girls reading in all different ways with the words "Read like a girl" through them

    21. A pair of black pants made with a stretch-knit fabric so even though they look super nice, they're actually super comfortable to wear.

    Model wearing the ankle-length black pants

    22. A button-up top that I can't ~lie-lac~ about, this colour is so gorgeous I may have already added this to my cart.

    Scoop-neck knit long-sleeved top with buttons down the middle

    23. A knotted headband with rhinestones all over that even Blair Waldorf would approve of you wearing.

    Pink velvet headband with a knot at the top middle with rhinestones embellished all over it

    24. A ruffle-sleeve top you'll be ~running~ to grab from the clean laundry pile so you can wear it again and again and again.

    A scoop-neck top with ruffle sleeves in red with illustrations of white greyhounds running all over it

    25. Sheer plaid ankle socks you ~sheerly~ need to add to your favourite outfit for a fun look that'll cement your place as fashionista of your friend group.

    Model wearing the pink and white sheer plaid socks with a pair of chunky black heels

    This won't be you when you have all these great options hanging in your closet:

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