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23 Posts That Prove Millennials Really Are The Worst Generation

They're entitled as hell.

1. They claim there aren't any opportunities:

2. They just refuse to do the work to succeed:

3. Millennials just fritter away the money they do have:

"millenials spend all their money on luxuries!" says the generation that insists on having expensive sets of "good" plates as well as regular plates as if anyone gives a shit.

4. Millennials are just so sensitive:

5. They always spend all their time on their phones:

6. And they never go outside!

7. They refuse to spend money on the things that matter:

Sorry, I was too busy paying $485 for a campus parking pass. https://t.co/zwFzGPwRoq

8. They think they should just be handed everything:

9. Millennials refuse to eat food!!!

10. And they keep demanding a "living wage":

11. Millennials just think they deserve whatever they want:

the people calling millennials ‘entitled’ are the same people who demand to speak to a manager because their expired coupons aren’t being accepted

12. Millennials are sponging off the rest of us!

13. They don't care about family:

ALTERNATE HEADLINE: Y'all fucked up the economy so badly that we can't focus on marriage and kids because we're struggling to afford to live https://t.co/9Ld5DWFSN0

14. And it's millennials who completely ignore the privileges that have been bestowed upon them:

This dude got his start by borrowing $34,000 off his grandfather yet he wants to lecture others about their spending habits. Okay dude https://t.co/hWu4o6wjiz

15. Really, millennials just have it too easy in the real world:

16. And if they'd just do what the older generations ask them to, everything would be fine:

17. They are E-N-T-I-T-L-E-D:

Shes full of shit. Young people don't expect for things to happen "like that". They expect to at least be able to find a job after graduating and being 80K in debt, not having to move back in w/ their parents,not having insurance, not having any foreseeable chance of retiring.... https://t.co/S0zLymJqyq

18. And they're clearly the greatest threat to continuing our way of life:

"millennials killed department stores" baby boomers killed the polar bears but right right right my deepest apologies to jc penny

19. Millennials refuse to SUPPORT the ECONOMY:

I gotta pay to get in. Pay for gas. Pay for drinks. Pay for food. AND have to work in the morning tomorrow? Keep it. https://t.co/cM7spLEARK

20. The problem is with them, not with their employers:

21. And they're certainly not screwed no matter how much or how little they do:

22. Millennials just keep causing problems:

23. Frankly, millennials demand too much, and they want everyone to be kind and respectable. It's disgusting.