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    18 Times "Star Trek" Fans Were The Funniest Part Of Tumblr

    "Live long and get some."

    1. On good writing:

    2. On Vulcan salutes:

    3. On butt-dials:

    4. On missed opportunities:

    5. On confusing screenshots:

    6. On smooth moves:

    7. On costume design:

    8. On set design:

    9. On Star Trek fans vs. Star Wars fans:

    10. On the U.S.S Enterprise vs. the Millennium Falcon:

    11. On Spock and Bones' friendship:

    12. On Chekhov's drama:

    13. On perfect recasting:

    14. On representation:

    15. On alternate universes:

    16. On Star Trek: The Sitcom:

    17. On misunderstandings:

    18. And on why the Borg stands no chance against humans: