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23 Hilarious School Stories To Read Instead Of Doing Your Homework

"How do you kick a ceiling by accident?!"

1. When the chemistry teacher gave a repeat performance:

2. When a kid showed off his weird talent:

3. When an accident happened in drama class:

4. When a teacher got sneaky:

5. When a student was late for class:

6. When a girl shared her makeup tips:

7. When they held an assembly:

8. When an actor got a little too method:

9. When finals week hit:

10. When a student spoke up:

11. When safety was of the utmost concern:

12. When the new kid made an impression:

13. When a student simply followed the instructions:

14. When the teacher got a little off topic:

15. When a child was a little bit extra:

16. When a teacher gave zero fucks:

17. When someone made a new friend:

18. When an actor landed a coveted role:

19. When a student discovered the power of suggestion:

20. When there was an attempt to skip class:

21. When a student tried to avoid blame:

22. When a teacher didn't prepare his student for the lesson:

23. And when there was an important math test: