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19 Tweets That Prove Why Toronto Is The Fucking Worst

No reason is too petty when it comes to Toronto.

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1. Because of the natural evolution of language:

I hate toronto because all of the people talk like fucking idiots with their dumb slang

2. Because of grocery stores:

either i just couldnt find it or this god forsaken grocery store doesnt have FUCKING MAPLE SYRUP I HATE TORONTO SO MUCH

3. Because party crashers can't get any respect:

we crashed a party and asked a bunch of dudes to put on chief keef but they played soca instead lmao i hate toronto

4. Because parents make you go there:

I hate Toronto so fucking much like I don't think I hate a city more than Toronto because when I lived in buffalo my mom took me every week

5. Because it's too friendly:

I hate Toronto because i feel as though everybody knows each other

6. Because it's full of vegans:

Toronto is the worst city in the world. Full of traffic, cowards, bad drivers, and worst of all, VEGANS

7. Even worse, vegans who ADVERTISE:

toronto is the worst city not because of rob ford or underachieving leafs, but because of stupid vegan ads in the subway.

8. Because it has unusual bars:

A Harry Potter themed bar just opened in Toronto because Toronto is the worst place on Earth.

9. Because Toronto's always gotta make things so complicated:

Guy on streetcar goes on mini rant about how dt Toronto "sucks" because he got on the wrong streetcar and everything is too complicated...

10. Because people haven't heard of a little place called Golden Griddle:

on nye i just wanna get drunk then go to ihop but toronto sucks cause there's no ihop

11. Because bands want to interact with you:

Ewww some band from Toronto just followed me SORRY but Toronto sucks right now so I hope they read this before they're blocked

12. Because the "coffee" part of "coffee shop" is a difficult concept to grasp:

Second cup in Toronto sucks ass. What coffee shop doesn't have breakfast?!?!?!

13. Because of botany:

Being Italian, living in Toronto sucks becAUSE THE FUCKING FIG TREES WON'T GROW

14. Because there's a variety of event spaces:

toronto sucks theres only really big venues or really small venues

15. Because of winter:

I like toronto , in the summer. In the winter it honestly sucks to live here

16. Because of summer:

The only thing I dislike about summer is the humidity! Toronto sucks for that.

17. Because teenagers use the internet:

Yik yak in Toronto sucks because half the people on it are stupid but opinionated high schoolers

18. Because you can't pee in the street:

Downtown Toronto sucks when you need to pee while walking home.

19. Because of pretty much everything: