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    19 Times Tinder Was Surprisingly Wonderful

    Sometimes there's more to Tinder than dick pics.

    1. When Mandy had one of the best profiles ever:

    u/Corvil / Via

    2. When this guy couldn't believe that worked:

    u/WhoNeedsNamesAnyway / Via

    3. When Quan sent some wholesome vibes:

    u/bertboyd / Via

    4. When this user already found love, but didn't want to leave their match hanging:

    u/octohan / Via

    5. When these people played tic-tac-toe:

    u/Bazookaboots / Via

    6. When this profile got a thumbs up:

    u/Imjustheartless / Via

    7. When a love connection wasn't found, but that's okay:

    u/cyoderm3 / Via

    8. When this girl wanted to help her grandma find love:

    u/Sendmethinetitties / Via

    9. When this person provided some useful life advice:

    u/imaginary_gerl / Via

    10. When this account probably received thousands of matches:

    u/GuyTuna / Via

    11. When this person wanted to play games:

    u/JaxDude1942 / Via

    12. When this respectful exchange happened:

    u/taffytaffeta / Via

    13. When Wade matched with Natalie:

    u/imjustadudeguy / Via

    14. When this girl helped her mom find Pokémon pals:

    u/Finish_Line53 / Via

    15. When these people were so cute, I couldn't bear it:

    u/RandomRedditUser5 / Via

    16. When this silly pun totally worked:

    u/Higgles12 / Via

    17. When this person matched with a mystical canine:

    u/Tig-ol-Biddes / Via

    18. When this guy recovered from his tired pickup line:

    u/thedeadliestmau5 / Via

    19. And when Rexy was just trying to find love:

    u/SenoritaMarc / Via

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