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18 Times Tumblr Was Funny As Hell About Thor

Every Avenger: “This is my regular name and this is my Super Special Superhero name.” Thor: “My name Thor.”

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1. On Ikea:

2. On family:

3. On etiquette:

4. On Lord of the Rings:

5. On Peter Parker:

6. On expressing feelings:

7. On describing Thor:

8. On honoring family:

9. On superhero names:

10. On healthy masculinity:

11. On Thor's age:

12. On Thor's age in human years:

13. On gay rights:

14. On lesbian icons:

15. On catching up with old friends:

16. And more on catching up:

17. On Thor in Ragnarok vs. Thor in Infinity War:

18. And finally, on sequels: