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    20 Things You'll Be So Glad You Bought Every Time You Use Them

    *uses product* I'm sooo glad I bought this.

    1. A pack of four shower curtain adhesive clips that'll act as a splash guard every time you shower so you can be glad you won't step out onto a soaking wet bathroom floor every day.

    2. An over-the-drain hair stopper, because every time you shower you'll see just how much hair floats towards the drain only to be stopped by this genius contraption. You'll be extra glad you bought this when you don't have to un-clog your drains.

    3. A personal password book because, like me, you keep adding a number to the end of your passwords and you've lost count and also lost sleep. Just keep your passwords all in one place so when you do forget, you'll be glad it's just a page away in your drawer.

    4. A pack of motion-sensing LED lights, because while you're on your way to the kitchen in the middle of the night, you'll be glad not to stub your toe for the millionth time! These are a cheap way to get helpful lighting in places that need it most around your home. You don't need to get professional installation — just stick them on.

    5. A bottle of Burt's Bees sunburn lotion to soothe the biggest mistake you've made in a long time— forgetting the SPF!

    6. A bag of Bottle Bright tablets that'll clean your bottles, plastic containers, mugs, and everything else, with no scrubbing required. We love reusable bottles, but boy do they get dirty. You'll be glad to have these on hand every now and again for a fresh clean.

    7. A comfy, memory foam chair cushion for anyone who's been searching for something to help soothe their back pain and/or work on their posture.

    8. A ceiling fan metal pull chain with two pulleys, because you've spent the last few years guessing which chain turns on the light and which turns on the fan. Plus, if you're short like me, these are great for extending the chain a bit so you can actually reach them now.

    9. A mini fabric steamer, because you can't believe the amount of times you've wanted to wear your favourite outfit, but it was wrinkly beyond belief. Once you buy this, you'll be glad you bought it time and time again.

    10. A pair of lightweight and durable escape tracks that everyone will wish they had once they get stuck in a tough spot. The raised tracks prevent vehicle tires from spinning on snow, ice, mud, or sand.

    11. A hand-held pressure washer, because every time you use it it'll remind you how much time, effort, and money you're saving with such a powerful friend by your side.

    12. A lipstick-sized portable charger with more than enough juice to revive your dying phone without taking up too much space. Always a lifesaver to have a charger around when you need it most.

    13. A pack of 42 twist-flex rods for anyone trying to get curls in the easiest way possible. You'll be glad you bought these the second you try to go back to curling each strand individually. Next!

    14. A variety pack of 40 acne patches made with tea tree and calendula oil, because we've all woken up with a painful hello from a pimple! If you want to help speed up the healing process, place this on before bed and — BAM — pus and oil will be drawn out, and inflammation will go down by morning.

    15. A pet hair remover roller, because your couch used to be a different colour and the sneezing has gotten out of hand!

    16. A stainless steel tongue scraper to help rid your mouth of the odour that sticks to your tongue after a delicious meal or three. Thank goodness you have this, otherwise the date you have later might, well, stink!

    17. A bottle of Poo-pourri, a before-you-go bathroom spray, to keep your loo from smelling like #2. I don't know about you, but I am always thankful when I see one of these in a bathroom! Now you AND your guests can be glad you have one too.

    18. O'Keefe's Working Hands cream, because there's nothing like super dry and irritated hands to make you thankful that moisturizer exists and that you bought some.

    19. A wine vacuum sealer for anyone who likes to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and doesn't want to spoil the whole bottle. Drink more, save more!

    20. A fabric defuzzer to make all of your run-down sweaters, throw pillows, and furniture look like they just came from the store all without having to spend tons of $$$ on repairs.

    You falling in love with these products again and again each time you use them!

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