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    21 Things You're Probably Going To Want On Your Next Bad Day

    🎶 You're taking one down. You sing a sad song just to turn it around. You say you don't know. You tell me don't lie. You work at a smile, and you go for a ride. 🎶

    1. A very swear-y colouring book filled with lots of naughty words and phrases, so you can relax while filling in all the words you WANT to say out loud.

    2. A linen pillow cover that's here to remind you no matter how the day is treating you, there are a lotta people out here who love you.

    3. Or a linen pillow cover to immortalize one of the greatest moments in TV history and that you'll use to rest your head on while you rewatch The Office for the 782nd time this week.

    4. A set of 50 adorably funny affirmation cards for help staying motivated on even the crappiest of days.

    5. Or a deck of beautifully designed affirmations for help remembering how to love yourself — seriously, give yourself a break! Bad days happen even to the most awesome of people (aka you).

    6. A giant 750 ml wine glass you can fill with the optimal amount of a liquid you may *actually* need to help get through the day.

    7. A very handy guide book to work out all of life's problems — all of them.

    8. An Amazon Fire TV Stick for a solid day in front of your TV doing absolutely nothing — sometimes that's the best medicine.

    9. A five-pound bag of delicious 12-flavour gummi butterflies you can use as a yummy treat or as a free weight to get those reps in as you snack.

    10. A cushioned foam acupressure mat and pillow set, because it's literally impossible to function at full potential when you're suffering from neck and back pain.

    11. An inspiring weekly journal filled with activities, prompts, and encouragements to help you get it all out — and onto paper.

    12. A pair of the cutest and coziest animal-shaped socks that'll keep you mooooving when you feel like giving up.

    13. A set of letters you can write to your future self in anticipation of all the bad days life throws at you.

    14. A delightful book filled with over 200 reminders of how absolutely incredible you really are.

    15. A mulberry silk eye mask for when all you really need to do is block out the haters who have really just f'ed up your day.

    16. Becoming by Michelle Obama — it provides an inspiring look into the former FLOTUS' life and the journey she took into becoming the icon so many see her as today.

    17. Gmorning, Gnight!, an encouraging little book filled with affirmations and pep talks that'll help remind you of just how awesome you are!

    18. A seven-setting shower head designed with a built-in reservoir handle that has a refillable cartridge pre-filled with minerals and active carbon — you can refill these cartridges with your choice of bath salts, aromatherapy minerals, or water-treatment granules. It's all the joys of a relaxing bath without having to marinate in your own juices!!!!

    19. An inspiring vinyl wall decal that'll be your daily reminder to leave your house and kick some serious ass.

    20. An uber-relaxing lavender candle that'll burn for up to 65 soothing hours — because, let's be real, sometimes bad days turn into bad weeks.

    21. A pack of collagen-infused eye masks to help combat your lack-of-sleep look and any other general under-eye puffiness that tends to add to your bad day.

    Here's to better days ahead!

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