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These $12 Thigh Bands Banish Chub Rub And Look Sexy As Hell

Bandelettes make thigh chafing a thing of the past.

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HELLO THERE! I am here to talk to you about an important topic that is near to my heart (and legs): Thigh chafing, aka chub rub, aka when your bare legs rub together and it starts hurting so much that you have to walk like this:

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It can happen to anyone of any size, and it's always THE WORST. We just want to wear cute dresses and shorts! IS THAT SO WRONG?

But, oh thank goodness, there is relief to be found — in the form of these lacy Bandelettes, which actually STOP thigh chafing before it starts. And did I mention they cost as little as $11.99 a pair and look HOT AS HELL? Yep.

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Sure, there are anti-chafing balms like Body Glide, but that can wear off throughout the day. And you can try boxer briefs or short leggings instead, but Bandelettes have the added bonus of feeling like a sexy secret.


Looking at photos of these things, my first thought was that SURELY these things must fall down throughout the day, but the reviews assure me that Bandelettes stay put.

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"I wore them out to dinner and they worked like a charm! I wasn't uncomfortable at all. I was hesitant because I was worried that they would fall (that would of been mortifying) but they truly stayed in place all night. I highly recommend these for any lady who gets the chub rub, especially in the summer! I intend on taking them on vacation with me because they worked so well!"—Rachel

Several plus-sized reviewers also rave about how Bandelettes help to keep their thighs comfortable in hot weather.

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"I'm 5'11, 200 pounds, and I live in Florida. I wore these in Key West and three full days at Disney. They saved my thighs! They are cooler and easier than bike shorts, and you can leave them in place when you go to the bathroom. I wear these when I wear a skirt, dress, or even skorts, and I get seriously cranky when I forget to put them on! They are perfect."—AZ Girl In FL

Amazon users also like that Bandelettes are light and breathable, so it doesn't feel like you're wearing extra layers underneath.

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"I work as a professional cook, and got these to help eliminate the crotch of my pants rubbing my skin raw. I have tried shorts, but the last thing I want in a hot kitchen is more layers of clothes. Powders and the like have helped, but they wear off too quickly. These have worked well for me since they are independent of each other. I can pull them up higher than I can with shorts, and they don't slide around and pull each other when I walk." —L


Get them from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in 17 styles and six sizes), or from and Lane Bryant for $15.99.

Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.