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25 Tweets About The Important Lessons People Have Learned In Therapy

"You don't have to say yes to every argument you're invited to."


today my therapist told me that no matter how hard I try and how much I do, it will never ever be enough for the wrong person. it’s so simple, but it hit me at just the right time


my therapist told me “the things you think of as cracks in your armor are really places you’ve put yourself back together” so if you need me, i’m fucking crying on the c train


My therapist told me that anxious people have tendency to only explore the scary “what ifs” and challenged me to remember that there is also a flip side. What if you excel? What if it is one of the best experiences of your life? What if it changes you in a beautiful way?


Today my therapist told me “you owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people” and that shit almost gave me a stroke.


Number one thing I learned in therapy: Love is unconditional, relationships are not. PERIODT.


my therapist told me, “not everyone you let in will stay but you are not at fault for confiding in and trusting them and you certainly aren’t the one to blame for them walking out on you. this isn’t on you, this person left so that someone better can come.” & i live by that now.


My therapist told me that our brains don't differentiate between physical and emotional pain so any emotional pain will heal eventually but we must not keep thinking about it like we're scratching a scar everytime it gets to heal and it will heal on it's own. I'm SHOOK


Then just slowly start examining more and more of your days. Find more things to put if that list. Keep a diary, circle or literally highlight the high points of your day. Buy some colorful highlighters and color pencils. Make it pop out when you read it.


My therapist told me that when we love ourselves only 20% out of 100, we happily settle for anyone who loves us even 30%, thinking it's more than enough when it should be 100 on both sides. It really hit me. Please learn how to love yourself before you ask someone else to do it.


My therapist told me yesterday it’s ok to be angry. “Being angry is not a problem” It’s how you manage it that becomes the problem.


today my therapist told me “dont waste your time on someone who wont bother to make time for you” im inclined to agree


Today my therapist told me that when I'm working on a project I'm really not enjoying, I should focus on the end goal of that project, which is learning skills that I can apply to the things I do enjoy which I think is great advice!


my therapist told me “you will never have to chase a true friend” ..idk, just let that sit on the brain.


Change used to terrify me bc commitment used to terrify me What if I pick this option and then something better comes along? My therapist told me: you still have to pick something. you can't wait around for the 'ifs.' You are not happy here.


one thing my therapist told me to do that I heard right away for whatever reason at the end of last year is that I’m not a renewable resource for men and without missing a beat she told me if they can’t handle that, they need to be looking for a therapist too.


Today my therapist told me, “Although being direct is your superpower, it doesn’t give you permission to be disrespectful.”


When my therapist told me I don’t have to be responsible for everyone in my life and that I could say no when something gets to be too much, it blew my mind. I still struggle with saying no sometimes and realizing its OKAY to prioritize myself, but it gets a bit easier every day.


today my therapist told me something important: “ur desire for validation is valid but it is not a necessity”


My therapist told me a couple months ago that feeling lost isn’t a bad thing. That it’s important to look at it as an opportunity to wander new places, letting go of any fear/ anxiety holding me back, and that hit hard.


Recently my therapist told me that the stages of grief aren’t linear and that we move back and forth through them fluidly and out of order, which is why it feels so confusing sometimes. I don’t know if that’s helpful but there is a Grief Fact™️ for you.


my therapist told me that ppl aren’t always going to have support wrapped up in the perfect package just like you like it and that’s okay. recognize the sentiment and help them support you better, but don’t dismiss them for trying. it’s hard to understand that but i’m learning.


My therapist told me this earlier this year and I promise I’m taking it to my grave: If someone can’t tell you what you did wrong or what the problem is, it is none of your business.


when my therapist told me this, it blew my mind you can just tell them "so this is the plan! I hope you can make it!" and then DO THE THING whether or not they show up seriously as someone whose prime directive is TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE NO MATTER THE COST TO ME this blew me away


my therapist told me today “you don’t have to say yes to every argument you are invited to” and that really sat with me.


My therapist told me to act as my brain’s bouncer, refusing entry to negative thoughts. me: I’m ugly & worthless 👊🏼: If you can’t be nice you can take a walk me: Give up writing you suck 💪🏼: I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice me: You’re just going to fail 👊🏼: