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    17 Times Twitter Understood Your Personal Relationship To Swiss Chalet

    "Somebody ordered pasta at Swiss Chalet so I've called the police."

    1. On rituals:

    Get home. Take pants off. Order Swiss Chalet. Put pants back on to get the door. Take pants off. Eat ribs in your underwear. End.

    2. On extra costs:

    Hey @swisschalet how much would it be to have a Swiss Chalet installed in my bedroom. Take your time, do the math I can wait...

    3. On breakups:

    When you try and end things with Swiss chalet

    4. On special meals:

    Each Swiss Chalet Festive Special sold in Canada comes with an extra 1.3 hours spent in the bathroom

    5. On crime:

    Somebody ordered pasta at Swiss Chalet so I've called the police.

    6. On restaurant locations:

    Ok google maps when I searched "Swiss chalet" I didn't expect this

    7. On song lyrics:

    Work on my song "I'm At The Combination Swiss Chalet and Harvey's" is going poorly (rhythm problems)

    8. On quality:

    9. On tipping practices:

    "Watch me tip and watch me pay-pay, watch me tip, tip, watch me pay-pay," she said at Swiss Chalet. "Ma'am, GET THE FUCK OUT."

    10. On the morning after:

    when your drunk af at swiss chalet #tbtoafterprom @maddimac_ @ChelseaaDubross

    11. On competition:

    Anyone else living in constant fear of the inevitable Swiss Chalet vs. St. Hubert chicken gang war?

    12. On expectations:

    When mom texts u 2 tell u she has Swiss chalet waiting 4 u when u get home

    13. On bullying:

    Guys, am I being cyber-bullied by Swiss Chalet?

    14. On disappointment:

    When ya mom says no to Swiss Chalet

    15. On unfortunate events:

    70% of Canadian families haven't been to Swiss Chalet since Dad's incident

    16. On life after death:

    When i die soon, Swiss Chalet me into four different meals

    17. On past relationships:

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