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    This 1993 Video Explaining The Internet Is Just Adorable

    "It's like an electronic worldwide party line!"

    For anyone who is tragically out of the loop, Street Cents was the coolest Canadian show of the 1990s.

    And wayyyyyy back in 1993, the show took responsibility for introducing their young viewers to an incredible new technology called THE INTERNET.

    The result is the most 1993 video ever made.

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    And it's just adorable.

    First, they explain to us mere mortals what exactly this "internet" is.

    Then, they shock us with exactly HOW MANY PEOPLE are using this newfangled new technology! ... !!!

    Wait, but what do I do once I'm hooked in?!

    But how long will it take?

    And don't worry, they explain all about how to send "electronic mail" to people AROUND THE WORLD.

    (And before you get any ideas, no, that email address is no longer valid.)

    Then it's time for an important lesson on internet abbreviations.

    They also teach us about this ~thrilling~ new way of expressing our emotions.


    We're also given some hip new internet lingo so we'll look cool in front of all our new world wide web friends.

    Eerily enough, they then interview some 1993 teens about what they're looking forward to in the future, and their predictions are shockingly spot-on:

    Then there's, uh, this guy.

    He's either into something super pervy (HEY, YOU DO YOU, BUD) or he definitely wishes he could murder somebody.

    Frustratingly, the clip ends before it can make good on its promise to help us connect to this "internet" we've heard so much about.