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Is It Just Me, Or Are These Animals Kind Of, Sort Of Attractive?

It's weird, I know.

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1. This majestic stallion.

Facebook: frederikthegreatfriesianstallion

Those muscles. That mane. Take me out for Italian food and detail your haircare regimen to me.

4. This muscular tiger.

This tiger looks like he can out-pushup any fuckboy at the gym.


6. This mysterious Maine coon.

This cat would either extend an invitation to the opera or pose an infuriating riddle before disappearing back into the shadow realm.

7. This leggy maned wolf.

It's as though a red fox put on a pair of thigh-high boots and is working it.

8. This noble Utonigan.

So wise. So still. So covered in fur that looks like a hipster's winter coat.


11. Shabani the gorilla.

東山動物園に行ってきました♪ この暑いのにw シャバーニくんは確かにイケメンでイクメンでした。

Tall, dark, brooding. What deep secrets lie behind those ponderous eyes?

12. This sensitive Siberian husky.

This husky would have a hot cup of cocoa ready for you at the end of a long day.


15. This contemplative cat.

This cat would ignore you for weeks, then show up with a poem it had written about your hair.

16. This smooth lizard.

You can almost hear him asking, "Come here often?"

18. And this mysterious zebra.

He could use some blending advice from the panther, but otherwise: Perfection.