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For Anyone Who Loves And Hates Their Cat At The Same Time

So cute, but so evil.

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1. Let's face it: You consider your cat to be your baby.

Instagram: @gmars27

2. A baby you really, really hate sometimes.

3. Because even though they can look super cute and innocent...

4.'re pretty sure they mock you when you're not looking.


5. You love when they let you dress them up...

Instagram: @candycats_home

6. ...but they're probably literally plotting your death.


7. For every adorable selfie you've taken with your cat...

Instagram: @sophie_chichou_chicha_57

8. ...there are at least a hundred terrible ones.

9. You feel so guilty when you have to leave town — and, thus, your cat — for any length of time...

10. ...until you realize that's the only time your clothes won't be covered in cat hair.

11. You feel lucky and honoured that your cat has accepted you...

Instagram: @bielamorgane

12. ...until they fuck up your stuff and you ask yourself why you even got a cat in the first place.

13. Then you remember the important bonding moments you and your cat have had...


14. ...but you also remember all the times your cat got in the way of your good times.


15. The simplest things will fill your heart with cat love...

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

16. ...and then your cat can ruin it within seconds.


17. You're pretty sure a cat head peeking out from underneath blankets is the sweetest thing in the world...

Instagram: @m0chire0

18. ...but you wonder if your cat has any positive feelings toward you at all.

19. You grab your phone the second your cat makes friends with another cat...


20. ...but you wish your cat would stop trying to hang out when you have friends over.

21. Sometimes, you look at your cat's face and are sure they could never do anything bad...


22. ...and they usually prove you wrong soon after.

23. You're always so impressed with their physical feats...


24. ...until their gymnastics routines collide with your belongings.

25. Still, there's nothing better than the bond you share with your cat.


26. So, even when they fuck up all your shit (and they will, sooner or later)...

27. just can't help but love that little asshole anyway.


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