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    The Best Deals Worth Splurging On For Cyber Monday In Canada

    You won't regret ordering these.

    Cyber Monday has arrived! It's the glorious day when the internet is filled with more deals for 🇨🇦Canadians🇨🇦 than ever, and it's finally here!

    We scrolled to find you all the best deals and zeroed in on the best splurges.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Cyber Monday. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Monday to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    If you want to skip our reccs and dive into the deals on your own, here are all the best deals and quick links to make your life a little easier.

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    1. 19% off a pair of Apple AirPods Pro that'll be practically invisible in your ears. They have silicone tips that'll keep them from falling out, and they're noise cancelling, so you won't have to worry about hearing anything but your music.

    A person sitting in a car listening to music with wireless earphones

    2. 15% off this fancy SodaStream that'll transform tap water into a glass of sparkling water in less than 30 seconds. It has three carbonation levels, so you can decide how fizzy you want your drink to be.

    3. 33% off a GoPro Hero 8 that'll capture high-quality videos of your next adventure. It comes with a head strap, so you won't have to hold it while you film.

    Two people sitting on a boat while one is holding a video camera up to face them

    4. 30% of this winter parka from The North Face, if your current model isn't keeping out the cold. The fur on the hood is removable, so you can easily change up your look.

    5. 38% off this Instant Pot 7-in-1 pressure cooker that'll replace all the appliances that are currently cluttering up your countertop. From steaming veggies to making yogurt, this baby does it all.

    The Instant Pot surrounded by food

    6. Or take 24% off an Instant Pot Duo Crisp. This genius appliance will replace everything from your slow cooker to your air fryer, and generally make cooking massive meals a breeze. It'll also save you some valuable counter real estate, which is always a plus.

    An InstantPot next to a cooked chicken

    7. $170 off a JBL boombox speaker that has a handle, making it easy to carry on all your adventures. It can last for 24 hours on a single charge, so you won't have to plug it in every night.

    The speaker on a football field

    8. 25% off a sunrise-simulating clock that's much less annoying than a beeping alarm. If you live in a basement apartment (or have a super dark bedroom), this will make waking up a lot easier.

    The alarm clock on a bedside table

    9. Up to 20% off this dainty Mejuri diamond ring, if you're in need of some new bling. It's petite enough to stack, but still makes a sparkly statement on its own.

    A person wearing the ring on their index finger

    10. 29% off a Ninja blender that can crush through ice, nuts, and just about anything else in mere seconds. It comes with a large pitcher as well as two single-portion cups (for when you don't want to make a massive batch of something).

    11. 27% off this 24" Samsung monitor that's curved to give you a more immersive experience. It has a handy eye-saver mode that'll minimize blue light for when your peepers are getting a bit exhausted.

    The monitor displaying an underwater screensaver

    12. 27% off the Roomba robotic vacuum that will suck up every last crumb on your floor, so your home will be spotless and sparkling at all times. It automatically avoids obstacles and stairs, so you won't have to monitor it.

    13. 33% off a dog DNA test, if you adopted a mutt and want to know your dogs unique cocktail of breeds. One simple cheek swab will get you all the answers you need.

    14. 50% off a Logitech gaming mouse that'll help you scroll and click your way to victory. It has eleven customizable buttons and built-in memory, so you won't need to rely as heavily on your keyboard.

    15. 51% off this five-piece home alarm kit that'll make you feel more safe and secure in your house.

    16. 19% off a retro-inspired Fujifilm camera to print out classic square pics that you'll want to cover your entire apartment with. There's a tiny mirror right next to the lens, so you'll be able to nail your selfie on the first try.

    The camera next to two pictures

    17. 21% off this single-serve coffee maker that'll make whipping up your morning cuppa Joe an absolute breeze. You just scoop your grounds of choice right into the machine, meaning you won't need to mess around with plastic pods.

    The coffee maker with a stainless stell mug insie

    18. 19% off this Audio-Technica record player, so you can spin your vinyl right round, baby, right round. Reviewers say it's a great option for beginners, if you're new to the wonderful world of records.

    The open record player against a plain background

    19. 41% off a non-stick Cuisinart waffle maker, if your love for waffles rivals that of Leslie Knope. It has two griddle pockets, so you can make more waffles in less time.

    20. $80 off a sleek FitBit Versa 2 smartwatch that'll monitor your heart rate, exercise, sleep quality, and more so that you know what's happening with your health. It connects to a free app that you can use to track your progress.

    A woman sleeping with her fitbit on and a man going for a run with his Fitbit

    21. $50 off a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has killer sound quality and can withstand even the snowiest and rainiest conditions. Reviewers say it's a great companion for camping!

    Two speakers in the snow

    22. $150 off a pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones that'll block out any unwanted sounds. These have touch sensor controls so you won't have to fumble around with any tiny buttons when you want to control volume, activate your voice assistant, answer phone calls, or change your music.

    A person listening to the headphones on a plane

    23. 20% off this insulated Arc'teryx parka with a puffer interior that'll see you through even the coldest polar vortex. It's filled with fluffy goose down, so you'll feel like you're wrapped in a duvet when you rock it.

    24. 33% off a Philips Sonicare toothbrush that'll improve your gum health, whiten your teeth, and remove plaque ten times more efficiently than the average toothbrush.

    A Philips toothbrush in its charging case

    25. 15% off this smart thermostat that'll help keep the temperature balanced in your home.

    A smart thermostat mounted on a colourful wall

    26. 26% off a 2TB external hard drive, because backing up your important documents is essential and you've put off for way too long. You unlock it with your fingerprint, which is super fun and futuristic.

    A laptop with an external hard drive plugged into it

    27. 37% off an Echo Show that's an Alexa personal assistant, tablet, speaker, and TV all built into one handy device. Whether you want to display a recipe or listen to a podcast, this device is bound to come in handy.

    A person watching a show on the Echo Show

    28. 21% off a Kindle Paperwhite, so that you can download every book on your reading list. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than a paperback, but it allows you to magnify the font and change the boldness of the text, if you're having a hard time making out the words.

    A person reading on a Kindle

    Happy splurging, y'all!

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