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    18 Tweets About Canada Day To Make You Laugh

    "Just found out America doesn't celebrate Canada Day until July 4th? Weird."

    1. On our country's origin:

    I can't believe Drake discovered Canada almost 150 years ago.

    2. On sports:

    3. On resolutions:

    What are your Canada Day resolutions? Mine is I'm sorry

    4. On the Canadian purge:

    Happy Canada Day. For the next 12 hours, all moose love is legal.

    5. On how to celebrate:

    Today is Canada Day so maybe throw an extra "u" in one of your words or finally acknowledge us as a real country.

    6. On plans:

    Canada Day Plans - visit Tim Horton’s grave - eat supper on grave - DJ on grave - MDMA on grave - make love on grave - firecracker

    7. On alternate names:

    PEOPLE: we want a Canadian holiday PM: ok, Canada Day, done PEOPLE: we were thinking "Partyzone 8000" PM: no wait PM: wait PM: Canada D'eh

    8. On customs:

    a fun canada day custom is sending me gifts yeah it's a thing ask our moose prime minister oh wait he can't talk send me gifts regardless

    9. On our national anthem:

    The average citizen sings O Canada 6% louder than usual on Canada Day

    10. On local wildlife:

    Happy Canada Day to nice people and asshole geese.

    11. On innuendo:

    *whispers "Happy Canada Day" while slowly sliding finger in and out of a poutine*

    12. On fashion:

    Celebrate diversity and tolerance this Canada Day by wearing red and white and making fun of anyone who doesn't

    13. On weather:

    Canadian fun fact: Canada Day is actually a celebration of the only day of the year where the average temperature hovers above zero.

    14. On proper titles:

    15. On being considerate:

    Canada Day! Let's party... but not too late guys, America's right next door & they were working all day & have to get up in the morning. Thx

    16. On America:

    Just found out America doesn't celebrate Canada Day until July 4th? Weird.

    17. On the real truth behind Canada Day:

    Canada Day's the one day of the year we can drop the polite facade and say, "Suck it, rest of the world. We're straight up better than you."

    18. And on the standard Canada Day greeting:

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