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18 Adorable Dogs Who Can Only Lift Up One Ear

"Sorry, did you say something?"

1. This teensy corgi who swears they can hear you just fine with only one ear.

2. This serious guy thinks he heard what you said, but wants you to say it again, to his face this time.

3. This spotted-eared pupper who is kind of listening to your story about your coworker.

4. This wide-eyed pooch who is partly listening to you and partly listening to the latest episode of Mr. Robot.

5. This curious fluffington who could have sworn you said something about treats.

6. This cheerful canine who can always hear when you're ready for a walk, no matter how many ears are engaged.

7. This excited dude who hopes you're talking about throwing the ball soon.

8. This gorgeous floof who is not trying to hear anything about leaving the park right now.

9. This happy-looking hound who may have heard something about getting pet.

10. This obedient pupper who isn't sure if you told them to sit but did it just in case.

11. This perked-up pupper who thinks there might be someone at the door.

12. This adorable pupperoni who can hear all the squirrels that need chasing but knows he can't catch every one of them.

13. This misbehaving pup who didn't hear you come in.

14. This unimpressed dog who knows you're not talking about changing the sheets just as they got comfortable.

15. This majestic doggo who stands (mostly) at attention.

16. This smiling fella who is happy just to be here, even if they're only partly paying attention.

17. This very good boy who can hear just fine, he just thinks his ears look better this way.

18. And this bundled-up buddy who hopes they misheard you about it being bedtime.