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Skittles Has Released A, Well, Interesting Commercial For Mother's Day

"I miss dad."

Mother's Day isn't until Sunday, May 14, but Skittles has already released an... interesting commercial to commemorate the occasion.

WARNING: This commercial contains, let's say, graphic content.

At first, all seems normal. An older woman, just sitting on a couch, eating some tasty Skittles.

We then see a young man who is apparently guessing the different flavors of the Skittles, even though he doesn't seem to be eating any.

That's when we discover the truth: They are mother and son, and the reason the son can taste the Skittles is because the umbilical cord is still attached.

And yes, in case there was any doubt, there are shots and sound effects of the Skittles moving through the umbilical cord and into the young man's stomach.

The mother-son duo appears to be having a good time.

A REALLY good time.

And then the ad ends on a nice, upbeat note.

You can watch the full commercial below.

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BuzzFeed has reached out to the company for further comment and will update if we hear back.

So... Happy Mother's Day?