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    19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts You'll Want To Send To Your Sibling Immediately

    "My little brother put a seashell to his ear and told me the ocean says I'm a nerd."

    1. When your siblings show their love by being mean to you:

    2. When you can't believe how they have the nerve:

    3. When you go to great lengths just to prank them:

    4. When they never miss an opportunity to roast you:

    5. When other people think having siblings is better than it actually is:

    6. When you're willing to hurt yourself just to spite them:

    7. When fiction writers have no idea how siblings actually talk to each other:

    8. When your interactions are too weird for anyone else to understand:

    9. When a vicious fight is derailed by a funny moment:

    10. When your feelings about them are, well, complicated:

    11. When the age difference between you and your siblings makes a real difference:

    12. When you get violent urges around them for no reason:

    13. When playtime got a little rough:

    14. When they have the audacity to grow taller than you:

    15. When you take advantage of the opportunity for a running joke:

    16. When you take advantage of their naïveté just to scare them:

    17. When you know you're gonna piss them off, but you say it anyway:

    18. When your siblings don't appreciate your brilliant sense of humor:

    19. And when you can't stand them, but you'd still do anything for them: