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21 Cats Who Are Having A Miserable Fucking Summer

Summer makes cats melt.

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1. This cat, who is annoyed that his mom made him go outside to get some fresh air.

2. This cat, who got a new summer haircut, but immediately regretted it and had to spend the rest of the season inside watching Netflix.

3. This cat, who swears this bathing suit used to fit.

4. This cat, who tried to cool off with a swim, only to remember that she hates swimming.

5. This little guy, who forgot to bring his beer with him into the pool.

6. This kitty, whose hair just goes nuts in the summer weather.

Instagram: @sweetestellesragdoll

7. This cat, who is unimpressed with how sandy the beach is.

Instagram: @yummyumi123

8. This little guy, who can't believe the fan is already on the highest setting.

Instagram: @godric_and_jojo_show

9. This cat, who swears that one day he'll live somewhere with central air conditioning.

Instagram: @schindelmike

10. This poor cat, who could only find relief through the use of ice packs.

Instagram: @hiromitanaka1112

11. This overheated kitty, who needed to cool down immediately after spending time outdoors.

Instagram: @hippie_hatter

12. This cat, who refuses to leave the cool, wet sink until October.

Instagram: @red_bean_jelly

13. This guy, who tried to enjoy the greenery, only to feel an allergy attack coming on.

14. This cat, who tried to make one of those cute flower crowns but then just felt very silly.

Instagram: @silvia

15. This cat, who hates that her black fur attracts the sun's heat.

Instagram: @sostefunny

16. This cat, who can't believe she has to spend her vacation at the cottage with a bunch of undesirables.

Instagram: @eloveenushka

17. This one, who thought she found the perfect pair of sunglasses, only to discover that they don't come with UV protection.

Instagram: @shellfishdeath

18. This kitty, who hates when her friends beg to go on a roadtrip to the beach.

Instagram: @mackteddy_2cats

19. This cat, who is pretty sure he's going to melt into the couch.

20. This grumpy kitty, who just wants summer to be over already.

21. And this cat, who can't believe he finally made it to autumn... and now is dreading winter.

Instagram: @taniagraham

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