Proof That Christopher Pike Wrote Some Pretty Fucked-Up Books For Teens


    Let's face it: R.L. Stine usually gets all the glory when it comes to YA horror of the 1990s. After all, everybody and their dog read Goosebumps in their youth.

    Or, if you were a little bit older, you probably ditched Goosebumps and read Fear Street instead.

    But let us not forget that some of the best YA horror of the '90s also came from none other than Christopher Pike.

    Pike's novels felt like they were for the slightly more ~mature~ YA reader, because they frequently included references to people (gasp!) having sex and doing drugs. The books were also, without a doubt, COMPLETELY BONKERS (in the best way).

    Here are just SOME of Pike's best storylines that blew teenagers' minds:

    1. Teens framing each other for murder!

    2. Teens faking their own deaths!

    3. Teens ACTUALLY murdering their best friends!

    4. Murder-solving ghost teens!

    5. Pervy teens who hide cameras in the girls' showers at school!

    6. Awkward teens who are secretly best-selling authors!

    7. Serial killer teens!

    8. Terminally ill teens!

    9. Immortal teens!

    10. Time-travelling teens!

    11. Vampire teens!

    12. Teens who are actually reincarnated Greek gods!

    13. Teens who are secretly robots!

    14. Evil ghost teens manipulating former friends into killing themselves!

    And, perhaps most insane of all...


    Bless you, Christopher Pike, for filling our childhoods with the most fucked-up horror stories EVER.