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21 People Who Got Roasted So Badly They're Basically Rotisserie Chickens Now

Send these people directly to the burn unit.

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1. The person who got owned by science:

H_G_Bells / Via

2. The person who failed the test:

Abeer_Or_Two / Via

3. The person who got an explanation, just not the one they wanted:

candyman337 / Via

4. The person who received a multi-level burn:

phoenixfire-thewizardgoddess / Tumblr / Via

5. The person who got a wrong number call:

Bananakin_Skywalker / Via

6. The guy who tried to shoot his shot:

mrappbrain / Via

7. The person who needed to find a new date for Halloween:

uglykido / Via

8. This man who was destroyed with math:

linny93 / Via

9. The person who found a new relationship:

layzworm / Via

10. The person who should have known James Blunt gives zero fucks:

11. The person whose mother gave them life, then totally wrecked them:

12. The grandchild who was roasted by their own grandma:

LiirFlies / Via

13. And yet another grandkid totally burned by their grandmother:

sthornr / Via

14. The person whose burn was short and sweet:

15. The person who received this brutal pun:

16. The person who got one-upped by a baby.

17. The person who could only have been burned like this on October 10th:

Pistopop12 / Via

18. The person who probably thought banking puns were a safe bet:

LoisLame78 / Via

19. The person who kinda asked for it:

Gusus02 / Via

20. The person who couldn't compete with a vibrator:

TheRealMynz / Via

21. And finally, the person who go so thoroughly destroyed by Arnold Schwarzenegger that they may never recover:

Aunt_Jemimas_Syrup / Via

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