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    17 Things You'll Get If Nobody Appreciates Your Sense Of Humor But You

    You're unappreciated in your own time.

    1. If there's one thing you know for sure, it's that you're frickin' hilarious.

    2. ...And you might be the only one who knows it.

    3. Because when you come up with something that is PURE GOLD, nobody else seems to appreciate it.

    4. Even when you know your joke is terrible, you tell it anyway, because it's so terrible that it's actually great.

    5. You're not afraid to ruin what should be a happy occasion...

    6. ...Or a romantic moment...

    7. ...All for the sake of what you think — no, what you know is a brilliant joke.

    8. Because pretty often, you'd rather troll than be helpful.

    9. You may spend a lot of time and effort for a gag that will elicit nothing more than an eye-roll from your loved ones.

    10. And sometimes your jokes get your loved ones in trouble. (Which just makes it even funnier.) (To you.)

    11. When one of your quips doesn't get the reaction you want, you keep trying, determined to make it work.

    12. In fact, you'll just double down on it, because even if they don't like it, you know it's funny.

    13. And you're genuinely surprised when those closest to you don't find your antics amusing.

    14. If you're honest, though, your sense of humor has probably hindered you at times.

    15. Because you can't always turn it off — even when you want to.

    16. But even if you're the only one who ever laughs at your dumb jokes, that's fine with you.

    17. Because ultimately, you know that you're a comedic genius whose brilliance is simply not appreciated in your own time.