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    17 Products Under $25 That’ll Help Solve Little Problems In Under 10 Minutes

    *sets timer for 10 minutes*

    1. A bottle of Feed-N-Wax wood polish you woodn't believe took just minutes to make this table look brand new again! In addition to polishing, it adds a protective layer and helps prevent the wood from drying out or fading.

    2. A set of clip-on bangs, because you know you've wondered what you'd look like with them. We all have! Now's your chance to see what you'd look like without making it permanent.

    A woman with no bangs, the same woman applying the bangs, and the woman with the fake bangs applied and they look real

    3. A bottle of stain remover that'll dissolve even the worst rust stains right before your very eyes, no scrubbing required. When you said you liked a ~rustic~ vibe for your apartment this is NOT what you meant.

    A before-and-after showing a rusted bathtub, and the same bathtub after the rust remover is applied and all the rust is gone

    4. A 26-inch dryer vent coil brush for removing lint and dust buildup in important spaces that could cause a fire.

    The coil brush being used to scrape out lint buildup effectively

    5. A set of stove counter gap covers, because you and I both know that when current-you drops food behind the stove, it's future-you that's gonna have to deal with it.

    A kitchen showing the gap between the counter and the oven covered with the product

    6. Some flexible cable protectors, because even if you're not rough with your things (hi, me) your charging cord will eventually give up and break way sooner than you want it to. Fix your broken things before they really break!

    A computer cord and a photo charger cord with the spiral protectors around them to protect them from breaking

    7. A set of five soft silicone eyeglass sleeves so you can quickly say goodbye to any discomfort you've been experiencing on your temples from your new set of lenses.

    A closeup of the eyeglass sleeve on a pair of eyeglasses, keeping it hooked behind the ear

    8. A two-pack of charcoal shoe deodorizers, because they'll absorb all the sweat and stench from your favourite pair of shoes so well, you'll be kicking yourself for not buying them sooner!

    two long deodorizers inside the bed of two shoes

    9. A stick jewelry cleaner so you can really get into the nooks and crannies of your favourite pieces to make them shine like the day you got them.

    10. A drain cover that'll add up to 5 inches of extra tub water by blocking the drain holes for a more relaxing and deeper soak every time.

    A before and after of a bathtub filled as far as it can be filled without the cover and then with the cover which is about 3-4 inches higher

    11. A shaper insert so the boots you've worn and torn all year can stand tall, preventing creasing and creating more space on your closet floor.

    12. A Rub-a-Way stainless-steel bar that'll magically absorb the unwanted odor on your hands after a day of peeling garlic or cleaning the kitchen.

    A model's hand holding the bar in a sink

    13. A grooming glove you can use wet or dry to remove excess hair from your furriest friend in a way they will actually enjoy. It's gentle and they'll feel like you are just petting them normally!

    A collage of reviewer's photos of them using the grooming glove and in each photo the glove is covered in pet hair successfully groomed off their pet

    14. A set of microfibre makeup remover cloths to wipe off your products with JUST WATER. That's right, even your waterproof mascara will come right off.

    15. A pack of oil-absorbing tissues made with natural bamboo charcoal for confronting an oily T-zone in the fastest manner possible. They're super absorbent and will be your go-to for years to come.

    16. A couple of beauty spatulas designed to get every last drop of your expensive foundation, lip gloss, or lotion. Don't let a poorly-designed bottle get you down!

    17. A pack of 12 cable clips that'll finally organize your desk, car, and bedside table charging stations by keeping cords in their place, because gravity has been making your life harder for 👏far 👏too 👏long.

    A person peeling off the cable clip's adhesive backing, placing the clip on a desk, and then the clips holding the computer and phone cords in place on the desk

    Watching small problems fade away.

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