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    31 Products Under $15 (Canadian!) We Think You'll Really And Truly Use All The Time

    And many of them are under $10 CDN!

    1. Slow-cooker liners that'll make your set-it-and-forget-it routine even easier by making cleanup a snap!

    2. Glass phone screen protectors that even YOU can DIY (I did!) and will protect your precious device every single day.

    3. Easy-glide shower hooks you'll be thankful for every morning when you groggily throw open your shower curtain. And they have double hooks, so you can easily remove one shower curtain without having to take everything down!

    4. A bottle of V.I.Poo for deadening treacherous toilet smells before they can happen.

    5. A super powerful deodorant that won't make your precious pits break out into rashes.

    6. A password book you should fill out IN PENCIL because who can keep up with all those passwords you constantly have to change and apparently are not strong enough for the robots unless it has something like 29478495734592713 on the end.

    7. And a monthly bill planner for helping manage those expenses that feel like they're looming over your head. Sometimes just putting pen to (v organized) paper can help make the daunting things feel much more manageable!

    8. A three-way cleaning brush can make big moves on those black suede (or nubuck!) boots you decided to shuffle around in the dirt while wearing last weekend. No more regrets!

    9. Silicone shoelaces to hook into your everyday sneakers so you can slip into them in a jiff.

    10. Sound-dampening door bumpers that'll keep everything from kitchen cabinets to closet doors from slamming while you go about your regular schedule.

    11. A ~long~ bottle brush for getting every last spec of dirt out of your tall-neck water and wine bottles.

    12. A pair of coffee scoop/bag clips (one for each hand!!!!) so clever, you'll wish you'd invented them yourself.

    13. Softgrip scissors to tear open boxes, zip through wrapping paper, and handle a number of other tasks, all without making your hand ache.

    14. A makeup-erasing washcloth — it'll be soft on your skin and tough on that waterproof mascara. *And* it'll help you cut down on your disposable makeup wipe habit.

    15. And a set of bestselling makeup sponges in case you've been bad about washing the ones you have now.

    16. An adorable brown sugar-saving bear to keep the sweet ingredient clump-free for your next baking adventure. (No more buying a new package every time you decide to bake!)

    17. A setting powder made for oily skin that you can easily take on the go to keep your T-zone looking like matte perfection despite every other factor.

    18. A car garbage bag that'll help contain some of the mess that ends up on your backseat floor. Someone buy this for my Uncle Bill STAT. But wait, he may need a bigger bag.

    19. A nourishing hand cream to give your ragged cuticles and dry paws a major overhaul.

    20. A flexible sink caddy so you won't have to search for an MIA cleaning brush or sponge, only to discover it in a pool of water in a mountain of dirty dishes. Gross.

    21. A shampoo brush that'll help loosen buildup from styling products and make in-shower detangling a cinch.

    22. And a Wet Brush that'll do major things for unruly hair (and maybe save a few bucks of the detangling spray you normally use to douse your hair).

    23. Sheet suspenders for keeping your fitted sheet *right* where you want it, lest you roll yourself into a burrito during a night terror.

    24. Fridge bin liners that'll keep your fridge tidier so your family will actually consume all that fresh produce you bought.

    25. Contoured eye masks for a blackout experience that nestles around you nose but still allows you to comfortably blink. Win-win!

    26. Satin pillowcases you can rest your precious head on every night in the pursuit of better-moisturized *and* looking hair and skin. Bedhead and weird lines on your face, be gone!

    27. A rust-removing spray to work like a magic trick in neglected showers, minus the elbow grease. OK so maybe your shower won't look like this "before" frequently (let's hope not!) but it'll be there on hand to help clean much less minor stains.

    28. A bedside caddy to keep your nighttime essentials nearby, like your sleep mask and current read, to name a few things.

    29. A mattifying makeup primer for a smooth finish that'll stay that way for so much longer.

    30. A dog water bottle so you can stop carrying around a collapsible bowl and water bottle to keep your pup hydrated and ready for play.

    31. And a hair finishing stick to smooth out all those stray hairs and bumps that seem to magically appear no matter how much smoothing and pulling you do while putting up a pony or bun.

    You, improving your life without spending a lot of moolah:

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