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    23 Products That’ll Help Make Office Life A Little Less Annoying

    Cue The Office theme song.

    1. A document clip to give your poor neck some much-needed relief. It'll hold your papers right next to the computer monitor for easy viewing and make work way less tedious.

    2. A mini Crock-Pot for heating up food up right at your desk so there's no risk of someone eating your lunch "accidentally." Plus, you won't have to stand in line to use the microwave...that nobody bothers to clean!!!

    3. A memory foam seat cushion and lumbar pillow that'll make sitting down for hours and hours a comfier experience.

    4. Some egg-shaped stress balls to take your frustrations out on when you're asked to re-do those PowerPoint slides for the third time.

    5. A quiet little desk fan, because there's no way you'll be productive when it's 500 degrees in the office.

    6. A foot hammock to give your restless legs a place to, well, rest.

    7. A mousepad with wrist support so your wrist feels less ~rekt~ after a day of clicking and typing.

    8. A pair of noise-isolating headphones, because your desk-mate is somehow the loudest typer on this planet. CLICK CLICK CLICK — no more.

    9. A cascading wall organizer for keeping all your papers organized so you're not drenched in sweat from anxiety when it's time to file expenses.

    10. Feather pens that'll make jotting down meeting notes less of a chore (and you'll definitely notice if someone tries to steal one of these off your desk).

    11. A mini humidifier to rescue your skin and nose from the desert that is your cubicle.

    12. A mug warmer, because running to the microwave every 20 minutes to reheat your coffee is not fun at all. Some of us drink very slowly, okay?!

    13. A pair of computer glasses that'll make staring at a screen for hours on end feel less exhausting. They're designed to minimize eye strain caused by blue light emitted from digital screens and fluorescent lighting.

    14. An adjustable stand so you can see every notification coming in without having to pick your phone up. No more missed text messages!

    15. A privacy filter to fend off your nosy co-workers who just HAVE to see what's on your screen. (Lol, you're actually reading this post but it's still none of their business!)

    16. Peel-and-stick cable clips, because if you have to climb under the desk ONE MORE TIME to retrieve the charging cord, you're gonna lose it.

    17. A mini desk vacuum for sucking up all the crumbs left over from your afternoon snack sesh.

    18. A time-marked water bottle so you don't have to keep track of how many cups of water you drank throughout the day. This will do all the work for you!

    19. A wonderfully random screaming goat figurine to cheer you up when you're having a ~baaad~ day.

    20. An attractive desktop trash can, because you shouldn't have to walk over to the communal garbage bin every time you use a Kleenex.

    21. A travel cutlery set so you never have to use disposable plastic ones at work.

    22. A personal heater to keep you toasty warm, because it's freezing in your office eight months out of the year (and then boiling hot for the other four 🙄).

    23. No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work — a funny and informative book about dealing with tricky situations in the workplace, including how to stop the office grouch from ruining your day and how to enjoy a vacation without obsessing about the unanswered emails in your inbox. There are cute comics in here, too!

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