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    30 Things I Would Be Quite Surprised To Learn You Don't Own Already

    Absolutely scandalous if you *don't* have a Squatty Potty.

    1. An Amazon Fire Stick, because if you're still paying for cable in 2020...maybe don't! The Fire Stick makes *any* TV a smart TV and gives you easy access to all one million of your subscription services.

    2. A vitamin C serum that's the perfect catch-all product for anyone trying to lessen dark circles, sun spots, redness, and breakouts. A wonderful pick for anyone just starting out on their skincare ~journey~.

    3. A set of packing cubes to transform your luggage from a tornado/dumpster combo into a well-organized Mary Poppins bag. These turned me from the messiest packer into the most pristine packer, and I genuinely believe anyone who takes even one trip a year should own them.

    4. Blue light-blocking glasses that'll help reduce the eye strain you feel after being on the computer for eight hours during the work day. Ending the day without that fatigue and fogginess? Miraculous.

    5. A Squatty Potty, because *THIS JUST IN* it really does help you poop better! Not to get too much into your business, but if even 1% of you wants to try one, just get it. I did and never looked back!

    6. A soft headband for holding your hair back while you wash your face and apply your skincare products. Life's better with dry bangs and a moisturized face.

    7. A tube of Crest charcoal toothpaste that'll help you skip expensive treatments and simply brush, brush, brush your way to a brighter smile.

    8. A TubShroom to save you time and money by preventing drain clogs before they even begin. You can't really stop yourself from shedding, but you can make cleaning up a heck of a lot easier!

    9. A bottle of Bar Keepers cleaning solution so you can tackle any "impossible" home cleaning task. Scrub rust, surface scratches, burnt grease, and even Sharpie marks away on all of your surfaces with this one helpful cleaner.

    10. A classic Swiffer that'll be super effective and, like a hand-written letter or broken-in denim jacket, timeless. I use my Swiffer for floor messes of all kinds — I honestly don't know how to clean a floor without it.

    11. A Nalgene bottle for staying hydrated forever and ever. If you're looking for a lightweight bottle that's ready to hit the ole' dusty trail at a moment's notice, the Nalgene might be for you.

    12. A Beauty Blender so you can bounce bounce bounce your way to flawless foundation coverage. Time to finally snag the one beauty tool you need for base makeup application.

    13. An Instant Pot that, in case you haven't heard, the people love! It's not too late to finally try everyone's favourite 6-in-1 appliance — you two still have a long future of deliciousness ahead.

    14. A basic metal shoe horn so you can slip your tootsies into any pair of kicks with ease. You can make fun of me all you want for loving shoe horns, and it'll roll right off my back — they're actually wildly useful and can also help people with limited mobility!

    15. A bottle of dandruff shampoo, because if you think you'll NEVER get dandruff so you don't need to have some special shampoo on's time to come back to earth!

    16. A slim external battery so you're never up a creek without a charge — one of the worst feelings of the modern world that you experience often, admit it.

    17. A necessary Clorox toilet cleaning kit. Gone are the days of keeping an upsetting, bent up toilet brush in your bathroom. This one's sleek design and replaceable heads makes even the grossest task feel a little more doable.

    18. A hanging shower rack to de-clutter the sides of your tub. You never realize just how convenient having one of these is until you get one and wonder how you ever lived without it.

    19. An Echo Dot, because it feels like everyone has a little robot helper around the house these days. Access shopping lists, songs, the weather, and *so* much more with just a simple request.

    20. A new accordion file folder to inspire you to finally start keeping track of your important documents. It'll give you major peace of mind to just put important letters, papers, and bills right in and know just where they are.

    21. A pack of Mighty Patches, because you can fight breakouts as easily as popping on a sticker on overnight. As you slumber, it'll suck up that gunk and leave your pimples much less irritating.

    22. A makeup brush shampoo so cleaning your brushes is a task you can actually accomplish. It's not as scary as it sounds, I promise — especially with this shampoo on your team!

    23. A can of Easy-Off oven cleaner, because everyone has oven mishaps that result in burnt-on food. That's life, baby! But you should also have a way to clean it up that doesn't require five hours of scrubbing.

    24. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets so you can rescue all the tumblers you've let sit for wayyy too long. Don't toss them! Just give 'em the old Bottle Bright treatment and they're be back in service in no time.

    25. A 10-foot phone charging cable that will simply make your life better. Not being chained to the outlet while your digital brain gets that sweet sweet juice is an incredible feeling, and one I think you deserve.

    26. A bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray to help keep your BMs on the DL. Your housemates will be very happy you decided to invest in this little bottle of magic, at last.

    27. A lightweight handheld vacuum for swiftly taking care of any little mess that comes up. This one goes out to every time I've spilled rice on the ground, stared at it wordlessly for 10 minutes, and then just...walked away.

    28. A pack of six super-cute reusable shopping bags to help you reduce the amount of plastic bags you use. These guys fold into a little pouch so you can stick them in your car/purse/anywhere and *actually* remember to bring them shopping.

    29. A fabric defuzzer so you can effectively rescue any pilled clothing, accessories, or upholstery as soon as The Big Fuzz starts to happen.

    30. A Porter Bowl that OK, yes, I admit is a niche purchase, but should 1000% be in everyone's cabinet. It makes packing and carrying leftovers feel borderline chic, which is a small, welcome miracle.

    Live footage of me learning you don't have one of these products: