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    Today's The Last Day To Get These Kitchen Deals For Amazon Prime Day In Canada

    Hey, Canada: Life's about to get a little more delicious.

    Happy Amazon Prime Day, friends! It's that time of the year when Amazon has tons of great sales on thousands of items, and we've rounded up all of the best kitchen items you can grab!

    1. 22% off of a hand mixer that has seven speeds to help you whip up fluffy batters. It's easier to store than a stand mixer and is much more portable.

    A person using a hand mixer

    2. 15% off of a wok that'll cook your food at an extremely high heat. Woks are great for making rice and noodle dishes since they cook food evenly.

    3. 19% off a waffle cone maker. Why buy the stale ones at the store when you can have fresh and delicious ones at home?

    4. 23% off of a touchscreen coffee maker. You can program it in advance, so you'll always have a cup of the good stuff waiting for you when you reach the kitchen in the morning.

    A coffee maker that's brewing coffee in a kitchen

    5. 25% off of a Ninja blender that can pulverize frozen fruits in seconds to create delicious smoothies.

    A blender with fruit and ice

    6. 13% off of a milk frother that'll whip you up delicious foamy goodness for your lattes and basically turn you into a professional barista. You can also use it for matcha, eggs, or butter coffee.

    A milk frother with two attachments

    7. 40% off of a juicer that'll preserve all of the nutrients from your fruits and veggies, so the good stuff doesn't go to waste.

    8. 20% off a stainless steel microwave with a modern design that'll complement any kitchen.

    A microwave

    9. 20% off of a salad spinner that'll help you to quickly rinse and dry everything you need for a delicious meal.

    A person cranks a salad spinner on a kitchen counter

    10. 17% off of a knife sharpener that'll keep your blades in tip-top shape.

    A person runs a knife through a sharpener

    11. 44% off of a pancake ring that'll help you to get perfectly uniform pancakes every time.

    A pancake ring has batter in it in a pan on a stove

    12. 32% off of a NutriBullet blender. Just add everything you need for your smoothie (including tough produce like celery!) and you'll have a delicious beverage in no time.

    A person adding berries to a NutriBullet blender cup

    13. 14% off of a smokeless electric grill that'll let you make grilled food inside when it's too cold to use the barbeque.

    A person brushes sweet potatoes on a grill

    14. 34% off of an Instant Pot Duo that combines the features of seven kitchen tools in one pot.

    An Instant Pot on a kitchen counter beside yummy looking food

    15. 34% off of a toaster with an extra wide mouth that'll fit your bagels without squishing them.

    A toaster toasting bread on a kitchen counter

    16. 23% off of a Cuisinart food processor that can fit up to eight cups of food and will make prepping for your meals a breeze.

    Veggies being blended up in a food processor

    17. 20% off of a duo of little rooster doodads that'll let steam escape from your pot, so you won't have any boiling-over disasters.

    A silicone rooster props open a pot

    18. 32% off of a programmable kettle that'll let you heat water to the perfect temperature for whatever kind of tea you're having.

    A kettle filled with water beside two cups of tea

    19. 29% off of a digital kitchen thermometer that'll ensure all your roasted meats are cooked to perfection, because nobody wants to eat undercooked chicken. It has over 26,000 five-star reviews and people love that you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

    A meat thermometer reads the temperature of a chicken

    20. 19% off of a grill skillet that'll let you cook food over an open fire and take on the smoky flavour.

    Shrimp and beans being cooked on a grill in a pan with perforations

    21. 17% off of a rotating spice rack that are clearly labelled, so you'll never have to wonder what mystery herb you're throwing into your pasta sauce.

    Spices in a carousel

    If you're asking yourself if you need these things, here's the answer:

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