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    21 Times Jake And Amy's Love On "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Made Us Melt

    "I love you and I treasure you, and YA BORE ME."

    This post contains spoilers for the fifth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Stop reading now if you don't want to know.

    1. When they wanted to start dating but didn't want things to get weird.

    2. When Jake accidentally revealed how they spend their evenings together.

    3. When Amy was awesome and Jake loved that about her.

    4. When Jake revealed all the ways Amy looks after him.

    5. When Jake reassured Amy about the Sergeants' Exam.

    6. When they still kept their relationship totally professional at work.

    7. When Jake still liked to tease Amy every once in a while.

    8. When Jake revealed the moment he fell for Amy.

    9. When Amy met Jake's mom for the first time.

    10. When Jake slid across the full bullpen in his socks, and Amy couldn't have been prouder.

    11. When Amy was honest about her reasons for kissing Jake.

    12. When they interrupted a serious talk with a good pop culture reference.

    13. When Amy comforted Jake when he was scared he was going to jail.

    14. When Amy's voice made Jake feel better, even when he was in prison.

    15. When they revealed how they knew they were perfect for each other.

    16. When Jake's nicknames for Amy evolved as their relationship grew.

    17. When Jake first realized he wanted to propose.

    18. When Jake called Amy's dad to tell him he was going to propose.

    19. When Jake didn't let their love get in the way of some good trash talk.

    20. When Jake was a little turned on by Amy's cruel demeanor.

    21. And, of course, when Jake pulled the ultimate heist twist of all time.