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"Orphan Black" Stars Tatiana Maslany And Kristian Bruun Took Our BFF Test

Can they clone each other's answers?

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As any Orphan Black fan can tell you, Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun have some of the best on-screen chemistry on television.

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Not just anyone could pull off this scene, you know?

But what we really wanted to know was: Does that chemistry translate to real life?


So, in advance of Orphan Black's fourth-season premiere this Thursday (10 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America), we put Maslany and Bruun to the test to see how well they really know each other.

We asked them a series of personal questions to see if they could, er, clone each other's answers. (Get it?)

1. Other than Alison, who is Kristian's favourite clone?

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Kristian: I don't even know.

Tatiana: Really?

Kristian: No, I do.

Let's see those answers!

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Kristian: Rachel

Tatiana: Helena

Kristian: Ohhhh!

Tatiana: Really?!

Kristian: Rachel was my favourite in season 2, but Helena was better in season 3.

Tatiana: But it's overall!

Kristian: Yeah, you actually answered my own question better than I did. God, I'm dumb.

2. What is Tatiana's biggest pet peeve?

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Kristian needed to think about this, but Tatiana knew her answer immediately.

Bring it on!

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Kristian: Me

Tatiana: Puking

Kristian: I'm kinda like puking.

Tatiana: I don't like him specifically when he is puking.

3. What is Kristian's biggest pet peeve?

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Kristian: Oh, I have it right now.

Tatiana: You do?

Kristian: That was a hint. Yeah, because of garlic, uh...

Tatiana: Oh! [crosses out her answer and writes a new one]

Kristian: It's all about sneaking answers to your partner.

Show us what you got!

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Kristian: Bad breath

Tatiana: Gas Bad Breath

Kristian: Gas?!

Tatiana You were like, "I have it right now!"

Kristian: I do not have gas right now, for the record. But I love having it. I hate bad breath, and I usually don't have it, but today I do.

4. What did Tatiana think the first time she met Kristian?

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Both Kristian and Tatiana were delighted by this question.

The moment of truth:

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Kristian: What a weirdo. I bet he has gas, bad breath, the best personality

Tatiana: He's german! =D

Kristian: What I wrote is a pretty good description of what German is. Even though, uh, I'm not German. For the record.

Tatiana: Yeah, but that's what I thought.

5. Who would win in a fight: Kristian Bruun or Donnie Hendrix?

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They didn't even need to think about it.

Answer time!

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Kristian: Kristian Bruun

Tatiana: Kristian Broon

Kristian: Ha ha! "Broon." You spell my name better than most people.

Tatiana: Yeah, I know.

6. What is Tatiana's favourite curse word?

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Neither of them seemed to know exactly how to answer this.

Aaaand FLIP!!!

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Kristian: Snurdburgaler!

Tatiana: Nardjar

Kristian: Oh, Nardjar.

Tatiana: I once called you Nardjar when I was trying to say Kristian.

Kristian: They sound the same.

Tatiana: Snurdburglar is pretty good. Oh, sorry, Snurdburg-a-ler.

Kristian: Yes, thank you.

7. In high school, what superlative would Tatiana have been voted?

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Tatiana was momentarily horrified by this question's potential.

Let's see what they thought:

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Kristian: Most likely to smell like a boy

Tatiana: Most doinky

Kristian: I think we essentially wrote the same thing. Boys smell doinky.

Tatiana: Super doinky.

8. And which superlative would Kristian have been voted?

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Once again, Tatiana seemed a little scared.

Here we go:

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Kristian: Most precious handsome rugged

Tatiana: Most Pleasant L'il Military Boy (runner up: Most amber aura)

Kristian: Amber is the colour of my energy.

Tatiana: Oh, energy is what I meant! It's a 311 lyric.

Kristian: I couldn't decide which one I was. I crossed out "precious" and "handsome."

Tatiana: I think "precious" is pretty in line with "most pleasant military boy."

9. Is Kristian on Team Shay or Team Delphine?

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They both immediately knew.

Do their answers match?

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Kristian: Team Shea

Tatiana: Shay!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Kristian: Oh, god, I spelled "Shay" wrong. I spelled it, like, the Irish way.

Tatiana: Team McShea! Yeah, you spelled it like Shea butter.

Kristian: I'm definitely on Team Shea Butter.

10. And finally, which one of you is the better dancer?

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Show us those answers.

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Kristian: Tatiana, sadly, but I'm pretty good too, so recognize.

Tatiana: Kristian Burn (psyche!)

Kristian: You said me?

Tatiana: But then it says "psych!"

Kristian: It actually says "psyche."

Tatiana: But hey, so we actually got this one right!

Thanks for playing, you two!

Orphan Black returns Thursday, April 14 at 10 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America.
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Orphan Black returns Thursday, April 14 at 10 p.m. ET on Space and BBC America.