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17 Things You Learn When You Date Someone From Newfoundland

You're pretty sure they care more about Jiggs Dinner than they care about you.

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3. You don't really notice their accent anymore — unless they're on the phone with another Newfoundlander. (Press play below)

Instagram: @thischarmingdan_

4. They'll brag about the time they "hailed a Jiffy Cab on the first try at 3 a.m. on George Street" and you'll have no idea why you should be impressed.

5. You're pretty sure they care more about Jiggs Dinner than they care about you.

Instagram: @shanzy51

6. When they cook you a turkey dinner, they insist the dressing has to be "savoury" or something.

Making a roast chicken and stuffing with some Newfoundland savoury. #sketchylookingbag

7. They're heartbroken over Zest's mustard pickles being discontinued, even though you've never seen them eat one.

Instagram: @atasteofnewfoundland

10. They'll make you start drinking Black Horse beer (because Blue Star can fuck right off).

Instagram: @brendongould

12. They'll complain to you constantly about airfare prices to Newfoundland.

Trying to book plane tickets to Newfoundland to see my family, international flights are mad expensive sheesh!! #goinbrokejustthinkinaboutit


Its gonna cost me almost 1,500 dollars just for my flights to Newfoundland :(

can someone please explain why flights to Newfoundland cost more than flights to Europe and all-inclusive vacations??? #ripoff #sad

17. And if you ever want some peace and quiet, just mention former Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams. They'll stare off wistfully for at least 15 minutes.


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