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    17 Things You Learn When You Date Someone From Newfoundland

    You're pretty sure they care more about Jiggs Dinner than they care about you.

    1. You start becoming less confused when they say things like "Whaddya at?"

    2. And they'll think it's adorable when you try to use Newfoundland slang in your mainlander accent.

    3. You don't really notice their accent anymore โ€” unless they're on the phone with another Newfoundlander. (Press play below)

    4. They'll brag about the time they "hailed a Jiffy Cab on the first try at 3 a.m. on George Street" and you'll have no idea why you should be impressed.

    5. You're pretty sure they care more about Jiggs Dinner than they care about you.

    6. When they cook you a turkey dinner, they insist the dressing has to be "savoury" or something.

    Making a roast chicken and stuffing with some Newfoundland savoury. #sketchylookingbag

    7. They're heartbroken over Zest's mustard pickles being discontinued, even though you've never seen them eat one.

    8. Their "sexy time" playlist contains a disturbing amount of Shanneyganock.

    Chris Smith

    9. They'll claim they're not that into Great Big Sea... until you put on "When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down)."

    WMG / Via

    10. They'll make you start drinking Black Horse beer (because Blue Star can fuck right off).

    11. They'll force you to watch Republic of Doyle, all the while pointing out that Newfoundland doesn't actually have that much crime.


    12. They'll complain to you constantly about airfare prices to Newfoundland.

    Trying to book plane tickets to Newfoundland to see my family, international flights are mad expensive sheesh!! #goinbrokejustthinkinaboutit

    Its gonna cost me almost 1,500 dollars just for my flights to Newfoundland :(

    can someone please explain why flights to Newfoundland cost more than flights to Europe and all-inclusive vacations??? #ripoff #sad

    13. But that won't stop them from spending all their money on tickets to fly home, anyway.


    14. When you do finally go to Newfoundland to meet their family, you're completely unprepared for how welcoming they are.

    FOX / Via


    15. And their mom won't stop asking you if you want "a drop of Peps."

    Pepsi / Via

    16. They've confided in you that they consider Gordon Pinsent to be their second dad.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    17. And if you ever want some peace and quiet, just mention former Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams. They'll stare off wistfully for at least 15 minutes.

    Andrew Vaughan/CP Images

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