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17 Guys Who Don't Seem To Understand What The Word "Nice" Means

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

1. This guy, who thinks this is a good opener:

allisonleanne / Via

2. This guy, who saved the real charm for his second message.

your-beast-of-burden / Via

3. These guys, who think knights call women "bitches" and "hoes."

InterceptionXYZ / Via

4. This guy, who thinks buying a textbook from a girl means she owes him something.

kayla56 / Via

5. This guy, who thinks it's nice to tell women they're horny first thing in the morning.

ButtSmegma / Via

6. This guy, who thinks anyone who ignores him is a bitch.

-possibilities- / Via

7. This guy, who went from 0 to 100 real fast:

Verone0 / Via

8. This guy, who wants to cuddle and maybe abolish feminism:

morganites / Via

9. This guy, who can't understand why a girl he's never spoken to before doesn't want to go out with him.

MrsBeardley / Via

10. This guy, for whom "thank you" is not enough.

firedrag10 / Via

11. This guy, who thought being blocked meant he should find another way to reach out.

hotweathersucks / Via

12. This guy, who thinks that nice guys generalize women.

DragonsSparkle / Via

13. This guy, who thinks telling women how to dress and act is a good idea.

4775795f4d616e / Via

"Unfortunately, I have never had intercourse with a woman that I found exceptional or noteworthy. If you want to impress me, cover up your breasts, take off the makeup, and impress me with your knowledge. Let us discuss quantum particles, or the works of Darwin and Einstein. Let us marvel at the universe and the vastness of infinity. Ye gods, my mind aches at the vapidity of my generation..."

14. This guy, who is DEFINITELY NOT A RAPIST.

roadkillturtle / Via

15. This guy, who is taking a much deserved retirement from chivalry.

shartweekondvd / Via

16. This guy, who’s a pro at coming to all the right conclusions.

granite_state_ / Via

17. And this guy, who thinks that paying for dinner means he's owed a second date.

daig91 / Via

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