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    18 Big-Ass Cats Who Are Just Giant, Lovable Floofs

    They're not fat, they're fluffy.

    1. This lonnnnnng kitty who is basically 150% fluff.

    2. This fluffy buddy who has a big fluffy belly.

    3. This big armful of cat who, I'm sorry, is totally a cloud and not a cat.

    4. This huge kitty who can technically still be held with one arm.

    5. This extended cat who could totally double as a winter scarf.

    6. This gigantic kitty who is bigger than a toddler.

    7. This extra-large beauty who definitely has paws in there, somewhere.

    8. This very large feline who may actually be taller than you.

    9. This very big kitty who must be at least part puma.

    10. This ginger floof who takes up half a bathtub.

    11. This giant feline who takes up a lot of space at the vet's office.

    12. This large cat who is basically just an oversized cotton ball.

    13. This big, soft floof who could probably keep you warmer than any blanket.

    14. This stretched-out dude who needs a baby for scale.

    15. This angry-looking guy who almost doesn't fit in the frame.

    16. This extended flufferton whose tail might be longer than the average person's arm.

    17. This big, grumpy gus who doesn't look happy to have attention drawn to his size.

    18. And this spherical feline who may or may not have swallowed a whole watermelon.

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