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    15 Pairs Of Sneakers On Sale At Nike Canada That'll Have You Clearing Out Room In Your Closet

    Style and comfort for a fraction of the price.🇨🇦

    1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trails are a dream come true for any runner who wants to run in nature and leave the pavement behind. The shoes have double padding in the soles that'll cushion your feet, so you can sprint through the forest with ease.

    2. Nike Air Max Veronas display an exciting combination of bright pink and purple hues, so you can switch things up from your typical plain white kicks.

    The sneakers in pink and purple

    3. Nike Cortez G's definitely make chic golf shoes, but they're also the perfect colour to complete your fall wardrobe. This crisp white style with maroon details is just begging you to wear it with a flannel.

    The sneakers in white with maroon swishes and bottoms

    4. KD Trey 5 VIIIs have a mid-top design that'll give you the ankle support you need during an intense game, and the traction support will stop you from slipping and sliding all over the court.

    The sneakers in white, black, and red

    5. Nike Quest 2s have a breathable mesh top so your tootsies won't get all hot and sweaty during those long runs.

    The sneakers in black and white

    6. Jordan React Elevations feature exciting red and blue accents, and with the foot cushioning and sole traction, you'll be running circles around your opponents.

    The sneakers in white, red, and blue

    7. Nike Downshifter 9s combine the technology of a modern running shoe with a more vintage look, so you can run for miles without sacrificing style.

    The sneakers in navy blue and white

    8. Nike Court Vintage Premiums have that old-school suede look that'll both amp up your look and keep you comfortable all day.

    The sneakers in pink

    9. Nike Air Zoom SuperReps will have you completing even the most intense HIIT training. The cushioning under the balls of your feet will provide the strength you need for short bursts of energy, and they have a wider heel to provide stability.

    The sneakers in white and black, the forefront of the shoe has extra support

    10. Nike Air Max 200s have almost a cloud-like, ethereal quality to them, with subtle metallic detailing that'll make anyone look twice.

    11. Nike CruzrOnes are the perfect shoes for anyone who doesn't want to go too hard with their workouts — you wanna get it done, sure, but at your own pace. These vibrant sneakers will provide plenty of cushioning and stability, so you won't have to worry about wearing yourself out.

    The sneakers in black, bright red, neon green, and aqua

    12. NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4s come in such vibrant shades of red and pink that your tennis partner will keep watching your feet instead of the ball.

    The sneakers in bright red and pink

    13. Nike City Trainer 2s are durable training sneakers that'll let you stop and start as much as your endurance will allow, with mesh in the toes that'll let your feet breathe for your entire workout.

    The shoes in white and teal

    14. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Pro TFs will easily grip any artificially-turfed environment, meaning you'll achieve peak performance while keeping it stylish.

    The sneakers in blue and neon green

    15. And lastly, Jordan Mars 270s are a modern update of the throwback Air Jordans that you love so much, with springy foam that'll give your feet the support they need, and London-inspired detailing that'll make all your pals jealous.

    The high-top sneakers in black

    When you're actually excited to go for a jog because you get to wear your new sneakers:

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