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16 Mind-Blowing Tweets From This Week You Won't Be Able To Stop Thinking About

"Ever wonder how many ghosts you've hit with your car?"

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1. This secret shrine:

2. This delicious hack:

Lmao nobody can say they knew this

3. This Facebook showdown:

4. This fierce grandma:

My husband and I called my sweet, 85-year-old grandma to tell her I got a new job. She congratulated us, talked for a bit, and then hung up. Later she called me to say I should open a secret bank account and never tell my husband about it. My grandma is fierce.

5. This concertgoer:

6. This employee conversation:

my coworker is currently telling me about how her boyfriend stuffed a xanax up her ass last night & i just really don’t wanna work at fucking applebee’s anymore

7. This undeniable correlation:

8. This very good point:

I’m PISSED I spent my skinny years thinking I was fat

9. This excellent idea:

the Purge but instead of killing for 24 hours we get to talk to customers the way they talk to us

10. This scary prospect:

ever since i hit 30, being roasted by teens has overtaken my fear of sharks

11. This confident rat:

how’d this NYC rat get to France

12. This Twitter exchange:

13. This evolution:

14. This artistic pun:

Jackson Pollock is your favourite artist? Weird flecks, but okay.

15. This school presentation:

they should’ve never let me pick my speech topic

16. And this very important question:

Ever wonder how many ghosts you’ve hit with your car?

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