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    This Transparent, Double-Sided Tape Is So Strong, It's Basically Magic

    Hang picture frames, attach shelves, and secure furniture, without drilling holes in your walls. This is magical tape.

    I have discovered the best double-sided tape in the world. Seriously — just bear with me, here.

    Its official name is Multifunctional Double Sided Nano Gel Grip Tape, but its real name should be "magic tape."

    This tape is so strong and durable, it'll pretty much stick to ANYTHING.

    Just how good is it? Well, I cut off a little bit of tape...

    Then, I pasted it on the uneven wallpaper in my apartment.

    I placed a picture frame against it and pressed down firmly...

    And it stayed there! The frame didn't even budge if I poked at it.

    Even better? I could easily remove the tape from my walls, and the wallpaper wasn't damaged at all.

    Even more amazing? Just rinse the used tape under some water and you can use it again!

    For example, use some on the bottom side of a rug, and that rug won't shift or slip under your feet ever again.

    And along with picture frames, it can also be used to hang towel racks in the bathroom.

    It comes in useful for DYI shelves and hooks!

    Paste it under a vase or a planter, and you'll never again have to worry about accidentally knocking them over.

    Heck, you could even use a strip of it to hang toothbrushes, styling tools, and more in your bathroom.

    Use a little of this tape under the legs of your furniture, and it'll stop them from sliding across the floor — no more scuff marks.

    This is my favourite thing I've bought in 2020 so far. It's the strongest tape ever. And it's only $14.99 from Amazon Canada!

    You, after using this tape anywhere and everywhere:

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