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    19 Times "How I Met Your Mother" Hilariously Mocked Canada

    Robin Sparkles was only the beginning.

    1. When Barney explained how the Canadian citizenship test works.

    2. When Ted pointed out how weird Canada is.

    3. When Barney hated our money.

    CBS / Via

    4. When one of Robin's childhood friends came to visit.

    CBS / Via

    5. When Barney complained about Canadian pornography.

    6. When Robin explained about real Thanksgiving.


    7. When Barney forgot where Robin was from.

    8. When the gang imagined what Canadian weddings are like.

    They're not far off, actually.

    9. And when Barney put an end to the Canadian wedding jokes.


    Merci, Barney.

    10. When Jason Priestley created the most brilliant confection ever...

    ...and Tim Hortons responded in the most perfect way possible.

    .@Jason_Priestley, we loved the idea of ‘The Priestley’ so much, we made a batch. A Timbit IN a donut? Genius. #HIMYM

    11. When Robin tried to help Lily understand how much debt she was in.

    CBS / Via

    12. When Marshall knew exactly how to talk to Robin about sex.

    13. When they made a real website to tell the world about our sexy, sexy Canadian sex.

    20th Century Fox Television / Via

    FYI, the Saskatoon Totem Pole is not for beginners. Trust me.

    14. When Marshall learned how Canadian apologies work.

    15. When Robin (quite rightly) cared more about Canadian news than the gang's drama.

    (That's a journey of more than 2,800 kilometres, eh?)

    Google Maps / Via!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x4cce05b25f5113af:0x8a6a51e131dd15ed!2m2!1d-75.6971931!2d45.4215296!1m5!1m1!1s0x5304f6bf47ed992b:0x5049e3295772690!2m2!1d-106.6700458!2d52.13

    16. When Barney reacted to the revelation that he's one-quarter Canadian.

    17. And Robin sent him the only appropriate Halloween costume.

    18. Each and every glorious time the show brought Robin Sparkles into our lives.

    (AKA Robin Daggers, depending on which point of her Canadian music career you're looking at.)

    19. When Barney finally admitted all the great things Canada has given the world.


    Thanks for making fun of us so much, HIMYM!

    CBS / Via

    Gosh, we Canadians really do love the attention.

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