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    15 Kids Who Are Probably Smarter Than Most Adults

    Little baby geniuses.

    1. This kid who developed a hands-free way to sip his delicious drink.

    2. This kid who is a master of marketing.

    3. This kid who found the perfect way to make sure they weren't interrupted.

    4. This kid who found an alternative way to hold playing cards.

    5. This kid who found a great way to cool down hot food.

    6. This kid with a need for speed.

    7. This kid who is a multitasking wizard.

    8. This kid who didn't let the lack of a pool hold them back.

    9. This kid who knows that swimming and eating aren't mutually exclusive.

    10. This kid who wasn't going to leave behind any milk in the cereal bowl.

    11. This kid who knew to pack only the essentials in her purse.

    12. This kid who came up with an ingenious workaround.

    13. This kid who went with a different method.

    14. This kid who worked smarter, not harder.

    15. And this kid who will probably make a good lawyer someday.