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21 Reasons Why Plates Are The Most Useless Invention Ever

Who needs 'em? H/T r/WeWantPlates.

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1. Look: It's time to accept that when it comes to food, plates have become obsolete.

not_racist_mike / Via

2. They're a completely unnecessary part of your meal.

BlindCurve / Via

3. What, you're gonna add an extra step between the egg container and your mouth? Why bother?

Jigasaurus / Via

4. You don't need a plate to shovel food into your face.

themcgician / Via

5. Stop wasting resources on plates and serve those nachos in a wagon.

baguette-baker2430 / Via

6. Don't have a wagon? No problem, just grab a rock from outside.

Rokit9 / Via

7. Or even some trash! It's an ideal serving dish.

ccq10 / Via

8. And that clothes iron of yours is actually multi-purpose.

FuzzyEchoes / Via

9. There's literally no reason to use a plate ever.

wsgy111 / Via

10. After all, we have chairs, don't we?

AmieKinz / Via

11. Or miniature tables to put on regular-sized tables.

12. Afternoon tea? Just bust out that tiny bookcase.

AlbertSpinestein / Via

13. You don't need plates when you have little staircases.

Nuginuk / Via

14. Or a teeny-tiny bathtub.

monkeysinmypocket / Via

15. You can always make your own serving dish out of Legos.

rusty_lemonade / Via

16. Or one big Lego, if you're so inclined.

maxserjeant / Via

17. Hubcaps serve the exact same purpose as a plate.

TheLadyEve / Via

18. Same with a tree trunk.

dog_in_snow_maze / Via

19. You could be eating off an itty-bitty bicycle instead!

aishwaryameow666 / Via

20. So, to sum up: Plates are useless, and humans should stop eating off of them.

amongsthewaves / Via

21. And you know what? We probably don't need cups, either.

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