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    23 Things From Joe Fresh That'll Have You Clearing Room In Your Closet

    Spend those loonies and toonies on some new fall duds.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A shirt dress (with — yes — POCKETSSSS) that comes with a tie that'll help accentuate your waist. The skirt has a little slit in it, so your legs won't feel trapped by a long stride, and the chest pockets are the perfect place to keep your pens (or snacks).

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $34 (available in sizes XS—3X)

    2. A dependable peacoat (a staple of any Canadian's winter wardrobe!) if you want to look cool while staying warm all season.

    A black peacoat
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $79 (available in sizes XS—3X)

    3. A faux leather purse with a tortoiseshell handle that'll look great hanging off your arm. It comes with a long strap, so you can turn it into a crossbody bag if you'd prefer!

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $19.94 (originally $39)

    4. A comfy zip-up hoodie, because sometimes you just wanna pull on something easy over your T-shirt — and why not show off your love of Canada at the same time?

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $29

    5. Or a colourful Canada T-shirt, because your love of this country spans all the colours of the rainbow.

    A model wears a black T-shirt with the word Canada written across it several times in different colours
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $10 (available in sizes XS—XXL)

    6. A flowy dress with that'll give you the freedom to move around, but with just enough dressiness to make you look put together.

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $39 (available in sizes XS—3X and in two colours/prints)

    7. A warm car coat with welt pockets that'll keep your outfit looking sleek while also doing its part to keep you protected against the cold weather.

    Price: $89 (available in sizes XS—3X and two colours)

    8. A basic button-up shirt with a band collar that'll look a little more sophisticated than your typical collared shirt.

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $29

    9. A cute little black dress with ruffled shoulders that'll make you feel like the cutest employee at the office, even (or especially) if you work from home.

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $39 (available in sizes XS—XL)

    10. A cozy, cable-knit turtleneck sweater that'll make you want to curl up next to a fire with a warm mug of hot cocoa.

    A red cable knite turtleneck sweater
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $34 (available in sizes XS—XL and in three colours)

    11. A reflective running jacket that'll turn heads during the day and keep you visible at night — style and safety, together at last.

    A model wearing the lightweight running jacket
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $24.94 (originally $39, available in sizes XS—3X)

    12. A pair of winter gloves that'll protect your precious hands against frostbite. The touch tips on the fingers will let you use your phone without taking them off!

    A pair of winter gloves with touchscreen tips on the fingers
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $19

    13. A white blazer that'll look great layered over a basic tee or your favourite blouse — it's the perfect "I know what I'm doing" accessory.

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $39 (available in sizes XS—3X)

    14. A polo shirt with one block stripe across the chest, because you like a little bit of embellishment, but not too much.

    A model wears a dark blue polo shirt with a thick black stripe across the chest
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $16 (available in sizes XS—XXL)

    15. A knit poncho that's the perfect thing to pull on over your outfit when your office gets a bit chilly. It's reversible, so when you get tired of one pattern, just switch to the other side!

    A reversible knit poncho with different plaid patterns
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $39

    16. A basic button-up cardigan that you can layer over your favourite top, or wear on its own.

    A model wearing a navy button-up cardigan
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $19 (available in sizes XS—XL and in two colours)

    17. A trenchcoat with a tie front that'll keep you warm when the temperature drops — I can just see you knotting the tie closed and flipping up the collar to protect you against the harsh winter winds.

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $89 (available in sizes XS—3X and two colours)

    18. A simple plaid button-up, because are you even really Canadian if you don't have plaid in your wardrobe?

    Joe Fresh

    Price $16.94 (originally $29, available in sizes XS—XXL)

    19. A pleated blouse with a ruffled neck and a tie, because even if you're working from home, sometimes you want to feel like you made a bit of an effort (even if you haven't, really).

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $29 (available in sizes XS—3X and in two colours)

    20. A pair of drop earrings with three decorative balls t hat'll add a little bit of festiveness to your entire ensemble.

    A model wearing drop earrings with three different coloured balls on them
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $12

    21. A pinstriped blouse with puffed sleeves that'll keep you looking super profesh on those Zoom calls, while also keeping you super comfy.

    A model wearing a short-sleeves black shirt with pinstripes
    Joe Fresh

    Price: $39 (available in sizes XS—3X and in two colours)

    22. A pair of front-seam pants that are super soft, but still have a bit of heft to them, so they're nice enough to wear in a business setting.

    Joe Fresh

    Price: $24 (available in sizes 1X-3X)

    23. A colourful midi skirt that'll keep you remembering warmer times, even if the thermometer outside doesn't. It's got a wide waist band, so you know this baby won't keep rolling down at the waist.

    A model wearing a mid-length skirt with colourful palm leaves all over it
    Joe Fresh / Via

    Price: $11.94 (originally $19, available in sizes XS—3X)

    You, looking fly as hell in all your new Joe Fresh gear:


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