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We Need To Talk About How Sexy Jared Keeso Is

Move over, Gosling and Reynolds, we've got a new homegrown heartthrob.

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The 31-year-old actor is currently stealing hearts and winning accolades for playing Ben Chartier on the Bravo drama 19-2.

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He even won a Canadian Screen Award for his peformance, so he's as talented as he is beautiful.

He's somehow still sexy even when he's Don Cherry.


He played the famous hockey commentator in not one but two CBC miniseries (and yes, he won another Canadian Screen Award for his portrayal).

If you can be sexy and pretend to be Don Cherry at the same time, you have achieved the impossible.

Watch the full Letterkenny cold open below:

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CraveTV / Via youtube.com

Oh, and did I mention he stars in a fricking Canadian Heritage Moment?!

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Historica Canada / Via youtube.com

The segment commemorates the Winnipeg Falcons, who fought in the First World War and went on to win Canada's first Olympic gold in hockey.

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